Rodney King Got Off Easy

If you think about it, in the context of all the shit that’s going on today, but walking (or limping) away with a simple ass whooping from the LAPD, Rodney King got off easy!

And what does that say about us; a people that burned a city to the ground over the bullshit fact that the four officers that treated dubiously innocent Mr. King like a pinata walked on all charges?

Back in 1992, we weren’t having that shit.

Now, they kill us in cold blood, oftentimes aren’t even indicted and never have to face juries and we protest peacefully.

At this rate, they’ll be firebombing us and we’ll respond with emails and Tweets.

And I know I’m kinda on the line here between openly advocating violence and something else I can’t even define, but Black people need to realize that there is absolutely no pressing urgency in causing the police to curb their tactics.

Understand this, the 1992 riots in LA did effect change.

And who gave a fuck about the loss of life because no on ever does.

What was lamented was the loss in property and the real-time cost of rebuilding.

You fuck around with insurance companies and make them pay out on some of them policies and you’ll see not only laws changed but governments overturned.

This new, commercial, carefully orchestrated and coordinated with the consent of law enforcement form of protesting may sell t-shirts and effect hook ups, but change?

Not likely.

For the 3rd time I’ll say we could stop paying the portion of our taxes that go towards cops’ salaries and this statement will go unheard yet again.

Everybody’s too angry.

Worse yet, all the anger is too impotent.

Sadly, it almost causes one to yearn for the type nigga that would pick up a garbage can and turn a department store into a goods-for-free outlet.

And no, this is not an endorsement of the likes of Micah Johnson if, indeed, he even is the one really responsible for the shooting of 12 police officers in Dallas and the killing of 5.

As you’ve no doubt noticed from my last two posts, I’m highly skeptical as to the involvement of this dude, although I will say in his… defense? no, wrong word for where I’m going with this. Advocacy? no again. How bout “toward the possibility that he is guilty”?

I will say in that direction, that, for him to have pulled off just such a stunt he would have needed to have just such a profile.

A quiet, loner type, not known to have many friends and not the type to do an end zone dance after scoring, the kind that just gives the ball back to the ref.

Still, no manifesto? No ties?

And the whole “killed by a robot” thing, how do we know he wasn’t killed in advance as the planned patsy?

Besides, even if he did do it, doing it was some fucked up bullshit, never lose sight of that.

He could have simply torched a car dealership.

If you’ll notice, I keep all my theoretical violence in the financial sector.

Thats because I know that to an American, watching your money get slaughtered is a fate worse than death.



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