Tim Duncan, Draymond Green, Michigan, & Rudy Giuliani


Tim Duncan steps away from the game as the best 4 to ever lace em up.

Quick, aside from Dirk and Bob Petitt, name another for that was the unquestionable leader of another NBA team that chipped:

And this dude chipped 5 times across 3 decades, and, like Russell, with an entirely different 11 the last time than he won with the first.

May good, faithful women await this nigga in retirement.

Meanwhile, apparently too young to learn from the missteps of dudes like Charles Barkley and Mike Tyson, Draymond Green found himself in a street fight at a restaurant in Michigan.

No Bueno.

Dude, you’re not Jahlil Okafor, a rookie drunk, on his own dick and playing for a team that sucks.

You’re what Richard Pryor would call a “vett-ran“, and should know that your reputation for having a volatile temper on the court puts you directly in harm’s way via scam artists off it.

You’re acting like Mitch “Blood” Green right now.

And you should always be careful about sharing last names with people.

There used to be two Escobars once.

And it ain’t too cool what happened to either of them.

I don’t know if they’re Manchurian Candidate-ing niggas one-by-one right now or something, but I ain’t buying it.

Yet another Negro, this time in Michigan, has gone off the deep end and started murdering elected officials and public servants?

And of course, when a Negro does it, he never makes it back to the precinct.

What if he should snap out of it?

Not that I’m sure I believe that brothers are really just flipping out like that.

I spent a million years wondering why, since they’re so eager to produce statistics which suggest that Blacks kill other Blacks the majority of the time, white cops should be at all scared of Black people enough to kill us.

With this late spate of madness, it seems like they’re trying to manufscture a reason.

And, of course, you’ve got Rudy “Sojourner Tubman Douglas Turner” Giuliani who, according to him, saved more Black lives than passing.

Like me give you what I think is the best synopsis of Giuliani’s time as Mayor of New York.

Long before Trayvon Martin, the worst white-on-Black murder that I had heard of in modern times had to do with a undercover police officer and a young Haitian cat named Patrick Dorismond.

The undercover officer approached Dorismond trying to entrap him by asking to buy some weed.

Dorismond was incensed at it being suggested that he had weed to sell.

Now, it must be said here that the undercover cop had every opportunity to fall back, say “my bad”, and apologize profusely, but no, what did he do?

He pulled out a gun and shot and killed young Mr. Dorismond.

So essentially, Patrick Dorismond was killed for not being a drug dealer.

In a press conference the next day and after digging up all the illicit details of young Mr. Dorismond’s life that he could find, Rudy Giuliani was proud to announce that Mr. Dorismond “was no choir boy” because of juvenile offenses.

Having ever been a “choir boy”, I’m guessing, being evidence that one has certainly gone on to live an exemplary life.

This position, of course, either defends Whitey Bulger, or explains him.

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