Why Cops that Claim “Fear” Causes them to Shoot Black People are High Key Liars


You don’t even hafta listen to an interview with these muhfuccas before you know what they’re gonna say; “I was afraid.”

Makes you think that every cop on the force is a pussy and wonder why anybody so easily spooked would take a job that had them, by necessity, dealing with criminals on a daily basis.

It’s kinda like if a nigga with acrophobia took a job as a window washer, then expected sympathy when he allegedly panicked and crashed his rig though someone’s office.

Nah, he’d get fired.

And he should.

But what would be funny if it weren’t infuriating is that cops, often coached to look as if they’s the ones that just survived some trauma, get up on the witness stand (when these police-related shootings of Black people even make it that far) and explain how when they fired those woeful and ultimately fatal shots, the only reason they did so was because they were afraid.

Now, this is amazing on a couple of levels and we’ll start with the second one.

That one is this: that bullshit gets empathy.

Juries almost invariably seem to understand how cops could be afraid of Black people.

That, and I’ll bet if you took a poll of those juries and asked if a Black person had done anything to any of them, the overwhelming majority would have to admit that they hardly even knew any Black people.

So why this conditioned fear by American whites of American Blacks?

Deal with that when you’ve got a minute.

Now first and most importantly, we’re supposed to actually believe that the cop was genuinely afraid.

I’m sorry, but I just can’t do that.

And it’s not even because I can’t believe that an armed man who’s gone through extensive police training and is usually not working alone could be afraid of anything, it’s because I know that the first response to fear is almost never to fight it.

Fighting it is dead last.

No, the most common response to fear is actually to freeze.

You become unable to move and even react.

That’s fear. It paralyzes you.

The second most popular response and the one we all know is you get the fuck away from something if it scares you.

You run.

Then you might focus to try to understand what’s got you afraid.

Then you might just panic and be unable to focus.

Finally and after all that shit, you might fight.

So one has to wonder if these cops who oh so readily claim that the reason they killed the armed, unarmed, Black, male, female, child, baby, is because they were afraid, how come they skipped all those other possible steps and went right into fighting?

If you’d argue that it’s because they’re cops and they’re trained to fight their fears, well shouldn’t that fighting of their fears include holstering their weapons until the situation is fully ascertained?

Also, since even panic comes before fighting, wouldn’t a panicked cop be unable to aim or at least a bad or off shot?

But no, these muhfuccas that kill us are spot on.

So don’t give me that bullshit about fear.

The cops that kill Black people are just wound-up sociopathic psychotic assholes that take the ingrained racism of American law enforcement as gospel and one day decide to play Avenging Angel and lay vengeance upon the unsuspecting head of whatever poor brother or sister has the misfortune of encountering them that day.

And the only thing they’re ever afraid of is having to stop, mid-shooting, and reload.

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