Would Jews Weep for Nazis? & Other Questions Blacks Must Ask Ourselves in Regard to Dead Cops


Life matters.

And since this is the case, you’ll never see me cheerleading the wholesale execution and murder of anybody.

Quite honestly, I’d even rather see George Zimmerman repent than get his brains blown out, even if my druthers are by a small margin.

But my uncle called me adamant on Friday about the flaw in how the shooting of those 12 cops and the murder of 5 down in Dallas was being reported.

His issue was over the notion that the police in attendance at the Black Lives Matter rally that ultimately led to their demise were there to “protect” protesters.

“No,” he said. “They were there to protect property.”

“Of course!” I said as everything fell into place.

I mean it was me after all that posited long ago that the sole purpose of the police was to protect the interests of the rich.

“If they had been there to protect protesters,” my uncle continued, “It would have been way harder to pick them off because they would have been lock-step, arm-in-arm with the protesters.”

“Right!” I added. “Besides, if Black Lives Matters is an organization that protests the police, exactly who would the police be protecting them from? Themselves?”

It’s like that old and my least favorite trope, “We freed the slaves” which not only implies that freeing us was a concerted effort undertaken by all Americans, but that we were enslaved by some foreign power and rescued, brought here and now, subsequently, don’t even have the gratitude one might expect from those who owe others so much.

If we’re honest, we’ll admit that basically, the cops are an occupying force deliberately kept in place in case the lumpen proletariat should ever decide to stop being so lumpen and come around to realizing that the gross financial inequities that exists in America are not simply gonna go away on their own.

Not only that, like Tyler Durden in Fight Club famously intoned,“We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won’t. And we’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”

And since Black peoples most viscerally reflect the image of the poor, the ansolute need for the highest concentration of this occupying force will always remain in the Black community.

Combine that with our proven ability to influence through our music and culture, and we become a people not only worth keeping an eye on, but keeping a foot on as well.

Suppose, for instance, the current trend of socially and politically aware music should continue and the mind controlling, money and pussy chasing, internal genocide-promoting tunes that had kept us numb and dumb since the Public Enemy/Native Tongues era should breathe it’s last?

You can bet your last money that you’d see even more police shootings of the unarmed and random as the powers that be would start to panic, realizing that a real revolution was underfoot.

What then?

I mean, would we as Black people even be able to pretend any more that we didn’t know, that we haven’t always known exactly who and what the police really are?

And could we pretend to care about them, I mean really, even a little, knowing that they had deliberately chosen to be lapdogs to power and picked the wrong side in a war during which eventually, their status as pittance-earning wage-slaves would make suicide for them a more honorable option than to continue being mercenaries paid off for that cheap?

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