Brainwashing Black ex-GIs Into Shooting Cops, Blaming #BlackLivesMatter for Rainfall & Stealing Speeches


We never did get that Micah Johnson interview – because he was conveniently dead – and now we’re supposed to imagine that the masked gunman (now identified as Gavin Eugene Long) that shot and killed three Baton Rogue, Louisiana cops recently and who was also Black, also couldn’t be brought into custody?

Not only that, but both gunmen are ex-military?

Cue up the old Sinatra version of The Manchurian Candidate and let’s all watch it together.

Of course, as far as national sympathies run, the great thing about cops getting murdered is it returns the concern of most of America back to where it should be; away from dead Black men that overwhelmingly have criminal records and were more than likely up to no good anyway, and back to the good, honest, hard-working family men that populate police departments across the country.

I just read an article in the New York Daily News about a young cop that got drunk and ran over a crowd in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, killing one and maiming several, yet at the end of the article, they made sure to mention that this terrific officer was a guardian to his dead brother’s small child and otherwise, a fine, upstanding young man.

Meanwhile, it’s become fashionable to attribute all crime to Black Lives Matters. This is, sadly, an improvement on the more traditional route of simply blaming all crime on Black people.

Expect blackface to make a full scale return as almost nobody white and with half a brain will rob a bank, steal a car or rape somebody without their skin disguised under the pigmentation we’re most likely to associate with said crimes.

Lastly, why is everybody giving Melania Trump such a hard time for ripping off Michelle Obama’s speech?

Hov’s been doing that shit to Biggie for years!

I mean, cut Melania some slack!

English ain’t even her first language. Maybe if they were both MCs and not… well, there’s nothing Melania and Michelle would actually have in common except, if Donald is elected, having both been First Ladies.

Ms. Obama, as you know is a two-time Ivy Leaguer, the only such as a First Lady and an accomplished attorney in her own right, while Ms. Trump is pretty accomplished herself.


You see her!

Don’t front.

But, back to the cops.

With the way they’re getting shot nowadays, don’t think they won’t try to justify having been trigger happy historically.

We should expect nothing but Wild Cowboy policing in the Black community from this point forward.

Unless, of course, that doesn’t happen. Unless through some miracle of miracles, the Black community is suddenly deemed impossible to police and left to it’s own devices.

The downfall to this notion would be that after a day, a week, a month and then several months of Black people as a group simply not imploding, brainwashed agents like “our” two cop killers would be forced into our midst to cause an implosion.

It is absolutely necessary that Blacks in America remain needy and dependent on whites or at least seem that way.

And now the powers that be seem to be pulling a V for Vendetta or whatever it was that Bush did to cause the towers to fall and having brainwashed agents from inside actively take up arms against it’s own law enforcement professionals to make the point that the Black community needs to be policed even more aggressively.

Will we fall for it?

Of course!

When have we not?

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