Why Taylor Lied


Racism sucks because it has, to an extent, prevented me from seeing what a perfect wife Kim Kardashian apparently is for Kanye West.

She comes up big in the most important category: she has his back.

And it was while being devious on behalf of the family, in a way that even Connie Corleone would have tipped her hat to, that Kim K exposed the recording of Ms. Swift contradicting a public position that she’d taken on Kanye’s song “Famous” during which Kanye not only refers to Ms. Swift as a “bitch”, but also suggests that he and not her talent is the true reason she’s now a celebrity and also that he and the “Bad Blood” singer may still eventually be headed towards a tryst.

Kanye, if you were dead throughout the 00’s, famously interrupted Ms. Swift’s VMA Awards speech to protest in favor of Beyoncé.

And while its inarguable that Ms. Swift was already a capable enough star to be an award winner, there’s no doubt that her Q rating skyrocketed after being the public victim of such blatant Niggerosity.

And you know what?

As far as the song “Famous” goes, I’m sure artistically, Taylor was like, “Yeah, whatever Kanye. What the fuck? Go for it.”

Then whichever of her handlers got into her ear about how her permissiveness regarding such a song would seem and she felt forced to shut it down retroactively.

And here’s why:

While the whole pro-ho thing works if you’re the type white chick known in racist circles as a “coalburner“, Taylor Swift is far more of what I like to call a AAWG or “All-American White Girl”.

That means that whatever age she reaches or regardless of the number of or severity of the high-profile relationships she manages to twist herself into, even if she’s married but not yet a mother ie: Jessica Simpson during her time with Nick Lachey, her projected image has gotta read virginal.

It’s part of her brand.

And there are too many impressionable young women of all colors in need of – white girls who want to aspire to, non-whites who need to believe in the mythology of – the All-American White Girl that it would be literally bad for business to expose her as a woman who sucks, fucks, has needs and would be involved in or even consent to authorize and approve of the kind of song the likes of a Kanye West and his coalburning wife would be at the helm of.

This kind of repression, of course, can be maddening.

The last All-American White Girl that comes to mind, Britney Spears, positively collapsed under it.

Not only did she end up sleeping with her then-married Black back-up dancer, the ubiquitous Columbus Short, but she actually sunk as low as to steal a Black woman’s white baby-daddy.

Ms. Spears was, of course, an extreme case.

Still, if I were Savannah James and I heard that Taylor Swift was anywhere in a two hundred mile radius, I’d handcuff LeBron to the heater until the threat had passed.

Because, if patterns hold, right before she cuts all her hair off, Ms. Swift will go through her Black Dick phase.

And when you’re married to the most popular Buck on the planet, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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