Obama’s Deal With the Devil


People have it twisted: they think that anytime somebody strikes a deal with the Devil it’s for that person’s soul, but the Devil can make smaller deals too.

He’s a businessman, just like Trump.

And i’m now thoroughly convinced that when Barack Obama took office back in 2008, he made just such a deal, and the Devil’s fine print is only just now becoming legible to our great President.

You see, aside from the economy, the two main issues that had Americans shook back in ’08 were being attacked by a foreign sovereign, and the drain of fighting two wars simultaneously.

So I can almost picture Mr. Obama sitting across the table from Lucifer agreeing that if He could only keep the United States free from international attack and help end not only one but both of the wars, all else was in bounds as far as Obama was concerned.

Barry had to feel like he could deal with anything conceivable that the Devil could come up with, including possibly California and or Florida being washed away into the sea.

But, see, the Devil’s such a muhfucca that he don’t hit you with no shit that you’re totally unfamiliar with, he hits you with some shit that you feel should be your wheelhouse.

And what was Barack Obama the most confident about going into the 2008 election?


For once, a Black man had figured the way to use his Blackness in his favor.

He was the Black man we all could support.

The Black wife for credibility, the progressive agenda for those suspicious of a Republican con, the Harvard background for status-conscious, and the chance to prove otherwise for the suspected racists.

Obama got 43% of the white vote in 2008.

And, look: we have been virtually free of international terror, both the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan have come to a close and we killed bin Laden to boot!


When, since the 60’s can you remember or have you heard of a post-slavery time in America so tenuously poised atop a powder keg of racial tension as right now?

And race was supposed to be Obama’s strong suit. He was Black in a way that made everybody comfortable, he was even bi-racial for anyone not really ready for an all or too Black president.

Now he can’t get out of the way of the blame for the seemingly endless stream of police shootings involving Black people, armed, unarmed, male, female and child and this new phenomenon of citizens beginning to shoot the police.

It’s all his fault.

He probably wonders how, considering he’s not a cop that’s shot a Black man, but George W. Bush didn’t fly an airplane into the World Trade Center but 9/11 was still his fault.

So what we’re witnessing now is Obama paying the piper.

It’s gotta be the most frustrating period of his life dealing with the fact that he, the Arbiter of Post-Racialism is now being seen as the President that tore the races apart, but that’s what you get when you make a deal with the Devil; not only the unexpected, but the unexpected as it manifests itself in a way far worse than whatever benefits were on your side of the arrangement.

And please don’t let me hear from any of you atheists.

I neither believe in race or racism and look.

Also, as any Usual Suspects fan can tell you, you not believing in the Devil probably only means you fell for the Greatest Trick He Ever Pulled.

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