Drake Has Pop Magic


It takes a helluva musician to make an album as thoroughly trash as Views, be rightfully panned by yours truly, then come right back with a single so good that not only is all forgiven, but like LeBron he’s left us stuck; there’s no hyperbole to match this shit.

Grandiose words don’t measure.

And I don’t even hafta hear the rest of DJ Khaled’s hotly anticipated Major Key album to know that “For Free”, his collabo with Drake, is by far the best shit on there.

I’m mean, I’ll listen, but mostly for confirmation

I’ll be going, “No, that’s not as good, no, that’s not as good…”

It’s already started with “I’ve Got The Keys“, Khaled’s Jay Z and Future pairing where it hurts to admit – Hov Stan that I am – that this offering is merely “cute” in comparison to “For Free”.

But the real testament to Drake is that he can make such crap as Views and still win with it.

Drake has Pop Magic.

And Pop Magic is like the ability to pull a hit out of a hat.

And going back through the entire history of music since pop began, maybe only another 5 artists and groups can make the same claim.

The Beatles certainly had it. And like I’ve written before, they as a group actually benefited from the untimely demise of John Lennon if only because it precluded them getting back together as geezers and ruining the formula.

Michael Jackson was the first solo artist with it. It stayed throughout his whole career. From “Don’t Stop till You Get Enough” till “You Rock My World“.

Madonna still has it. Hard Candy was her most recent demonstration, but I have no doubt that if pressed and feeling no obligation towards “art” or whatever other nonsense musicians get caught up in making, Madonna could go into a recording studio today and crank out an entire album that would make muhfuccas unable to leave the dance floor.

Taylor Swift’s got it too. And if she’s smart, she’ll use it to thwart all this heat she’s taking over lying and saying she didn’t grant permission to Kanye West to use her name in the song “Famous”.

She’ll do what R. Kelly did with Chocolate Factory.

Be like, “You could be focused on all those rape-of-a-minor charges I’m facing, or you could just listen to this.”

Rihanna has it and it almost seems like she smacked Beyonce’s hand away from grabbing it for herself.

Don’t get me wrong, Beyoncé was close to having it, but her pursuit of “art” and “message music” knocked her off the trail.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Plenty of great musical artists from Marvin Gaye, to Prince, to Bob Dylan to Aretha Franklin to Nas never had Pop Magic and one wonders if any of them would have even wanted it.

Which brings us back to Drake.

My informed opinion on Views aside, it does have a huge following, and the fact that the song “One Dance” which sounds like it was recorded immediately castration post-op, peaked at No. 1 and stayed there proves that “taste” is on the tongue of the mouth it’s in.

But, again, it’s the ability to risk alienating half of the fans of a specific genre as Drake did to many Hip Hop fans with Views, only to be fully confident that you’ll bounce back with something undeniable like “For Free” that’s evidence of magic at work.

If I were Joe Budden I’d be careful before he made me, like he made Meek Mill, completely disappear.


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