Am I Dumb Because I Prefer Dark-Skinned Girls?


I’ll admit, up until I was about 14, I was about as smart as the rest of y’all muhfuccas.

Stupidity hit me one day when I was walking home from school and I saw the car of the light-skinned chick I lusted after and a voice said to me, “You know everything you currently think is wrong.”

And I was like, “So you mean Prince is better than Michael Jackson?”

Ironing out the technicalities, I grew to understand the voice meant that my perception was wrong; the way I viewed the world.

That I thought that particular light-skinned chick was attractive because I was supposed to – that’s the groupthink thing my friends were on and that’s what the mainstream media gave me repeatedly as my example of beauty – and that, in fact, I’d never really looked at her beyond noticing her complexion.

Well, from that day forward, I started looking at everybody.

And you know what?

It turned out I liked dark-skinned girls the best.

I’d been struck dumb.

I mean, beauty is empirical; so logically light-skin is always better than dark-skin, the lighter the better.

And sure, I know that most West Africans, when they encountered Europeans for the very first time, found them to be none too attractive, but what can I say? Africans are dumb.

The beauty of light skin is so certain that it absolutely should not be considered an issue of preference but has to be considered one of intelligence because beauty is so obviously based on scientific standards that Amber Heard was recently discovered to be the most beautiful woman alive.

There’s a new dating ap called Smoochr that has lots of Negroes in an uproar presumably because it asks for preferences as far as hair texture and complexion.

Not surprisingly, the ones that seem to be the most outraged are the “light-skinned, long hair” type who, in a faux show of solidarity with their “less fortunate” sisters are faking the kind of outrage that would imply that nobody in their right mind would pick other than themselves if given a choice.


You red-bone bitches know better than anybody that some of the baddest hoes you’ve ever seen happen to be jet black, nappy headed big butt females.

Deal with it.

And if I were a dark-skinned girl, before you conned me into thinking I had no shot against you and I warranted your pity, I’d suggest you put your pics up and I’d put up mine and we could wait together to see what was what.

That’s the kinda dark-skinned girl I’d be; competitive against one and all with no intention of losing.

And of course, conveniently ignored in all this seems to be the fact that there’s no similar stigma attached to being or even a preference for dark-skinned men.

It’s only dark-skinned girls that are supposed to be the bottom of the barrel.

So it must be stupidity that would cause one to willingly choose a dark-skinned girl.

They’re like losers of a genetic lottery.

We have to understand that a dark-skinned girl’s only chances at love are to find it among the hordes that make up the intellectually incompetent (like me) because, of course, nobody with any sense could ever have any interest whatsoever in them.

And dark-skinned girls; y’all should just be happy that the average IQ of Black people is 85, a full 15 points lower than “normal”.

Maybe that’s why we keep producing dark-skinned girls.

We’re too dumb to know any better.

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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