For the DNC, Mothers of the Movement Was a Bad Idea


If only because she’s been running around promising that her own first term will be like Barack Obama’s third term, then for Hillary Clinton, rocking with Mothers of the Movement at the DNC was a horrible idea.

Think about it: what exactly is she promising? If she’s elected, there’ll be more dead children for Black mothers to mourn?

I mean, we get it; it’s far too much to ask and out of our nature as a people to demand that law enforcement officials stop shooting our unarmed down in the streets like dogs.

This is something that simply must continue.

But if Donald Trump were any kind of politician and not the snake oil salesman that he actually is, he’d be all over that shit, promising that they’ll be not another added to the ranks of the Mothers of the Movement, and the next time a Black man is slaughtered in the street, he’ll be either fully armed or an orphan.

As I’ve written, the glaring shortcoming of Barack Obama’s presidency has been it’s effect on racial tension. It’s like, as I’ve said, he traded part of his soul to keep us safe from international terror, only to see us go up in flames on the domestic front.

And since he’s been President since all this shit’s been going on, then like it or not, it’s his fault.

And we as a people, for whatever reason, absolutely refuse to accept that we’re the only ones that can end police violence against us, choosing, for whatever reason, to believe that we can protest and picket our way to salvation like Dr. King, conveniently forgetting that Dr. King’s most effective strategy – and the one that brought him to national prominence – was the economic sanction effected by the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

And it’ll take cash again to end police brutality.

Shit, cash is the only reason the police exist.

Quick, who would be the most adversely affected should the police, as an institution, all of a sudden be dismantled?

If you said poor or Black people, you’re really short-sighted.

The rest of us know that with no occupying force to protect them, the rich in their ivory towers would be sitting ducks just ripe to be fleeced.

So since money is the only reason the police are in place, money is also the only thing they’ll respond to.

And I know I said I’d never write this again, but for the last time, we can simply stop paying their salaries.

I mean shit, if I really have to pay for some shit that’s gonna kill me, I should at least be able to blow smoke rings with it, or pour a little of it out for the brothers who ain’t here.

Not to mention the whole Mothers of the Movement at the DNC-thing reeks of being exploitative to an extent that’s low even considering the stakes.

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Jordan Davis, Dontre Hamilton, and Hadiyah Pendleton being trotted out and across the stage solely for the purpose of political gain does indeed prove that Black Lives Matter, yet strangely, I still find myself wishing they mattered more.

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