Republicans are More Afraid of #BlackLivesMatter than ISIS


Back when conservatism used to actually be a political ideology and that ideology found it’s home in the Republican party, you might actually be able to vote for a Republican in hopes that they had similar views to your own; fiscal cautiousness, religious fervor, pro-life, death penalty-enthused boot strap-pullers who favored  a good work ethic above all things and believed that everything could be accomplished through one.

Now, a Republican simply means a racist.

And while, if it weren’t so dangerous, I’d suggest we all laugh at how a huckster like Donald Trump has been able to commodify, package and sell that racism to a nation of eager buyers, it’s only because of shit like the fact I have people that I love that live in this country that I know it’s not cool to play like that.

Dig, racism is pure insanity.

And even I, Dickie Bhee, and avowed racist, know I’m crazy for being so.

The only thing about my racism which may actually render it superior to other brands is mine doesn’t blind me to logic. It may make me resent certain logical things, but I still see them.

For example, Babe Ruth is probably the greatest baseball player ever. I write that despite knowing that he didn’t play against all the best talent because the Major Leagues were still segregated then, but his numbers were still so fucking sick that the likelihood is that even though he would have faced Satchel Paige maybe 6 times a season, it wouldn’t have hurt him that bad.

In another direction entirely however is this American racism, particularly the anti-Black variety which makes the concept of Black liberation of even Black happiness so offensive to those that loathe us that they would literally rather see anything else but it.

They’d rather see the Russians take over or Isis attack before they’d see something like the criminal prosecution of a police officer that unjustly killed an unarmed Black man.

So your racist, now Republican, doesn’t mind at all that Party Candidate Donald Trump buddies up in a subordinate way to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin. Hell, Putin’s white.

Today’s racist also actually seems misty eyed and envious of European nations that suffer allegedly ISIS induced terror attacks if only because they’re not led by street Niggers carrying signs and chanting.

The prospect of 5, 10 or 100 dead due to a bombing seems a lot less threatening that being forced to confront the fact that there was absolutely no reason for (insert any of several names here) to die at the hands of the police.

Never mind that, as I’ve always maintained, Black people in America are just a racist’s distraction from dealing with his true nightmare; the idea that he’ll eventually hafta pay through karma or blood for the fact that this very land is not his own.

For the last time, those Mexicans ain’t “Mexicans”, they’re Indians.

They want their shit back.

And they’re gonna get it too.


That’s really what that wall Trump wants to build is about.

Trying to prevent/delay the inevitable.

That we Blacks engage said racists must be a relief.

We’re like noticing you’ve got a hangnail right after you car stalls out on train tracks.

With any luck, you can fiddle with the hangnail to the extent that you never even notice the light that’s approaching keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.


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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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