Korryn Gaines and Trigger-Happy Policing


This’ll be quick because I don’t have too many of the facts in but, from what I understand, Korryn Gaines, a 23 year-old mother of (I’m guessing) 2 was shot and killed in a standoff with Baltimore police who were responding to outstanding warrants against her and some dude that apparently lives with her.

Who knows what the dude’s warrants were about – he ran holding a 1 year-old and was apprehended – but hers were apparently about disorderly conduct, resisting arrests and traffic violations, shit that doesn’t necessarily mean, as  rule, that you’re out in the street being a menace.

Two questions arise immediately:

  1. You couldn’t just stall her out? As we know from our experience watching the Oregon standoff where a gang of armed men stormed the state buildings and pretty much held an internal insurrection against an American government that apparently felt helpless to do anything other than stand aside and watch, that not every action taken by armed people in violation of the law has to be greeted with an armed response by American law enforcement.
  2. Ya’ll shot up a 5 year-old? There’s absolutely no excuse for this, but I know I’ll read plenty about why the cops, when they first confronted Ms. Gaines and found that she was in the company of – regardless of how she was positioned with – a 5 year-old child, the obligation, not only as police officers but as human beings was to deescalate, and no, not to attempt to deescalate but to actually do it. Still, from what I’ve read, the cops shot first.

And it is, of course, here again that we’ll read how the cops were in fear for their lives when, as I’ve already proven, gun-firing police officers can actually never claim fear as a prompt because fear causes flight far more often than fight.

So now a mother is dead and a child is shot because it simply wasn’t worth waiting for cooler heads to prevail.

I’ve read how many American soldiers are positively aghast at American policing ostensibly because deescalation is one of the first and most important arts they practice while actively engaged in war zones and one would imagine that as American law enforcement, the police would not at all be dealing with enemy combatants but with the very people they’ve sworn to put their lives on the line to protect.

Still, tragically and yet again, when one of those people who’s own live is supposed to be worth the loss of a cop’s life happens to be Black, it seems like the the dynamic is reversed and the cop’s live becomes the most valuable thing of all and this ideology is readily backed by hostile lunatics on social media and plenty of others that seem ready to endorse whatever brand of policing that police seem fit to issue out in non-white communities.

And ok, cool, but let’s just call it what it is.

Since this is clearly not “law enforcement” we’re dealing with because of their tactics, and it’s not even the occupation of something as sophisticated as the US military who, as we’ve argued, would themselves show considerably more restraint, this is instead state-sponsored repression.

The only question becomes, what do they think we’re up to that they need to stop us from accomplishing?

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