Karina Vetrano’s Killer May Not Look Like He’s Supposed To


Back in the days, there was such an effort for law enforcement to seem effective that they used to just pin crimes on muhfuccas, whether they committed them or not.

I know what you’re thinking; “Dickie Bhee, that shit ain’t stop back in the day.”

But whatever we know it happened back then.

Now we got the case of a – even for my taste “beautiful” and ya’ll know I don’t fuck with – white girl that was murdered while jogging through a park in the Howard Beach section of Queens.

Karina Vetrano usually ran with her pops but one day he wasn’t up to it so she ran alone. That happened to be the day she was raped and murdered.

Personally, I always think most women that wind up in these situations are murdered then raped, particularly in the case of Ms. Vetrano because she was a hardcore runner, and as one myself, I can safely say that there’s no fight you’ll enounter like a fight with a runner and the report indicates that she did put up a fight.

Now, let me briefly turn racist before I return to my broader point:

We all know that just about everybody – except maybe Black people, empahsis on the “maybe”- would simply love for Ms. Vetrano’s killer to be Black.

That would simplify things, no explanation necessary, another indication of a completely pathological people (and you know how crazy the men of said species are about white women) that warrant any ill treatment administered to them.

However, my thinking is this: could it be possible that everybody, including those in law enforcement in looking for this mythical Black killer-rapist are overlooking, if not the obvious, but then the likely?

My first gut instinct told me it was the dad because he was the one that found her, but after reading more and more about the story, I’m not so sure.

Still, in this completely Orwellian society with cameras literally everywhere, the only excuse for not being able to track not only the movements of anybody going in and out of a certain area but also the actions, is because they look a way that we’re conditioned to believe shouldn’t arouse suspicion.

As of right now, police are still working with the theory that a “stranger” – Howard Beach is mostly white; read into that how you’d like – is responsible for the murder of young Ms. Vetrano.

The fact that the 30 year-old has been dead since August 2nd and the cops are still looking for “clues” leads me to believe that they’ve already seen all they need to see and it’s time to reconsider some of those things they’ve seen.

And like I said in the beginning, history is rife with the tale of cases closed based on the faulty convictions of people that the cops knew were innocent but either looked the part, fit the role, or both.

The late George Whitmore Jr., a broke, barely educated, but ultimately innocent Black teen convicted of murdering two white women back in the 1960s, is the perfect example of the kind of suspect law enforcement loves to provide for a public eager to believe is responsible for such crimes.

Is is then possible that the NYPD and others that have joined the search are ignoring a recurrent figure in whatever videos they’ve been able to analyze in search of yet another young Mr. Whitmore?

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