Big Sean Should RUN from Jhene Aiko


Dude, you’re not The One.

You’re only the current One.

All that electricity y’all claim y’all feeling is just the newness of the situation and the illicitness of the fact that she was married.

Now that she’s not gonna be married, watch how quick you get bored with her ass.

Y’all ain’t “soul mates” you probably don’t even like each other.

The whole thing was built up over the fact that it was forbidden. If she’d been single,  she might not have even been your type.

As a rule – and there are exceptions but painfully few – you can never trust somebody that leaves somebody else to get with you.

I had an ex that used to say, “How you get ’em is how you’ll lose ’em”.

That was her stuck clock.

She was right, I think, one other time in her life.

But realistically, sure, it does our ego wonders to feel like we can or are actually “taking” somebody away from somebody, but this ain’t the 1800s, you ain’t got chains nor a slave ship named Jesus.

If somebody’s leaving who they’re with for you, understand first and foremost that it’s their decision.

I know people like to get gassed on their own magnetism but, Dude, run and jump into the closed door of your refrigerator; see if you stick.

Jhene Aiko is a hack, a half-talent, a nothing.

Her only credible song borrows (and got it’s steam) from Jay Z’s “Excuse Me Miss“.

The reasons she’s a “star” and I use that term as loose as Kardashian pussy is because, like Amerie, she’s an “exotic” and if there’s anything we colored love more than full-blooded white people, it’s niggas “mixed” with something.

Not that the girl can’t sing but, the girl can’t sing.

She makes Rihanna, who also can’t sing but effortlessly shoots incredible hit songs out her ass, seem like Aretha Franklin during the Sam Cooke era.

Why we are forced to endure the likes of a Jhene Aiko is because we as a people have no fucking taste.

Anybody that has any bullshit to sell, sells it to us.

Thus, the marketing ploy that is Jhene Aiko.

So, Big Feller, betcha them words are soft, huh?

Betcha she’s got you gassed into thinking you’re giving her The Bomb dick, huh?

Biggest and best she ever had, huh?

Plus, you understand her, huh?

Yep, you’ve been set up, my man. And there’ll be a movie star, rapper, singer or ball player that comes along bigger (pardon the pun) than you.

Watch how quick her eyes go wide at the sight of a new prize.

Y’all probably had a good laugh at the expense of Dot da Genius, her soon-to-be ex-husband. You’ll kinda wanna call that nigga by the time she’s onto Something New Number 2.

That’s the way it is with those types, man.

The grass is always greener.

And that you could even deal with a married woman while she was married is some shit that you’ll eventually have to pay for.

And trust me, I know of what I speak.

How do you think I ended up onthestreetz?

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