Black Hair at The Olympics


Too many Black people suffer from a condition I like to call “No Nigga Syndrome”.

The main sympton of No Nigga Syndrome or NNS is the concurrent believe that while blackness has rendered the NNS sufferer inferior to all whites from those with Trump-level wealth to the poorest white trash of Appalacia, no nigga can be in any way better.

NNS is both subtle and insideous. It can convince a sufferer to overlook the obvious and if the obvious is far too glaring, it can switch paradigms and make the argument about something else entirely.

Therefore, if, say, I didn’t like LeBron James and I suffered from NNS, while I couldn’t reasonably argue that I’m the better basketball player, wouild I could point out is that that nigga has a big ass nose and therefore, I win.

“Hating” would be the non-clincal term for the kind of behavior produced by NNS.

Now, we saw NNS on full display when Barack Obama first ran for President in 2008. Many of the old guard Black leadership came down with savage attacks of NNS and a couple, dudes like Tavis Smiley and Cornell West, still haven’t healed from their trauma.

And while I could take this topic in an entirely different direction and make it about how the main sufferers of NNS are in Black leadership and not only don’t want Black achievement but are actually hostile to it because it marginalizes any need for their own further involment, let’s get to Gabby Douglas and Simone Manuel.


The most fucked up topic for any Black woman to have to deal with.

And as y’all know, I done covered this shit from every angle, but summarizing and briefly at that, I’m not caping for Black bitches cause y’all are dumb as bricks, but I will agree that it’s a particular hell to be born into a race and gender that makes you imagine:

  1. That the natural way that your hair grows out of your head is wrong
  2. That your main aspiration as you grow should be to become a “strong” woman and not a “beautiful” one

And I will cape for Gabby Douglas.

I can only imagine the amout of focus and dedication it took to become the Number 1 gymnast in the entire world back in 2012 and among the best alive this year.

The training, workouts and day to day grind must have been so intense that on some days, if somebody had said to her, “Gabby, your hair is fucked up,” she might have stared at them blankly and asked quite hoenstly, “I have hair?”

And it’s you Black, bucket-headed hoes, NNS sufferes all, that are coming for Gabby on social media.

I mean, it’s not just y’all, there are a few bitch-made niggas that are coming for her too (thinking it’ll get them some sympathy pussy from a bucket-head).


You’ve exposed yourself.

Act caught and get it over with.

If your hair is on point, look at all the other things around you that are fucked up and get to work.

In addition to being one of the best in the world, Gabby’s a cutie, a star, and a Queen; a real Queen and not just the spittle dripped all over every female by niggas that see the world through hotep-colored glasses.

Lastly, and I’ll keep this one super-brief, props to Simone Manuel on her gold medal record-setting performance in the 100 meter freestyle.

Not only are Black people not supposed to be able to swim but Black women in particular are supposed to be averse to swimming because of the fear of getting their hair wet.

So much for all that.

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