YesJulz & the Troubling Paradox of White Girls With Ass


Clearly, this topic never gets old.

But in our last consideration of it, we just examined the current fixation on it and the fact that Black women, like Pavlov’s dog, are seemingly forced to spring into action as “Protectors of the Ass” every time a white woman with one asserts herself.

Now let’s look at how and why white women with ass became our provenance and decide here and now whether we should keep them bitches, or cast them out into the netherworld because white men sure as shit don’t want ’em.

Let’s venture back to the Greco-Roman days where mano-a-mano buttfucking was the lay of the land (notice: I didn’t say “law”).

You got yourself a young boy, you taught it a few quick philosophical theorems, and you banged it’s little booty till you filled it with… knowledge?

Who knows?

In any event, things didn’t change in that environment until the advent of Christianity, which as we all know from our Old Testament readings, more or less frowns on the issue of homosexuality, but probably would have found pedophilia ok so long as it was a young girl you were fucking.

Fast forward 2000 years and while the actions – on the surface, at least – are not still prevalent, the interests are exactly the same as evidenced by this revealing clip from the 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle True Lies:


You heard it.

Today’s standard, regular All-American white male would still prefer a woman with an “ass like a 10 year-old boy”.

So where does that leave a big booty white girl to go and search for appreciation but the Black community, where maybe only the late, great Phife Dawg might have preferred them “brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian“, but as Chris Rock tells us, most niggas just want ’em white and big?

The question becomes however, should we take ’em?

And yes, I respect the old adage ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure‘ but I think it’s implied that the latter man doesn’t literally pick his “treasure” from directly out of the former man’s “trash” because there’d be something more than vaguely disgraceful in that.

This dreadful understanding also must come with the grim realization to those Black dudes that are only into white girls as a way of “proving themselves” to white men, that the white girls these dudes are getting are actually the rejects.

Which brings us, finally, to YesJulz.

And yes, Julz, I had noticed this bitch before because how can you miss that ass?

But I had never done enough research to find out exactly who she was (she’s a Snapchat promoter) or what made her net-famous (probably, that ass).

And she was Twitter-trending yesterday due to getting filmed being fucked from behind by some freak looking dude.

I watched about 1/2 of it, finished my coffee and left Dunkin Donuts.

Then I started reading some of her views like this:

Or that she engages the issue of whether or not she could have a “pass” to say the N-Word.

Make no mistake; the choice of what to do with people like YesJulz is ours, Black America.

We’ve embraced Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian as our “leadership”, would another one hurt?

If not, when exactly would the tipping point come?

The irony is, of course, that in an Olympic year where real Black women with real talent that they worked real hard to attain are on display, winning gold and blazing brilliant new paths for young Black girls to follow, their competition for attention and, sadly, even affection from the opposite gender, are no-talent big-ass white girls.

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