Nate Parker, Racism & Why Rape Charges Against Black Men are ALWAYS Believable



Name something else as sexualized as the Black body.

It is the literal dumping ground for an entire planet’s lusts, desires and fears.

The Black female body, pretty much public property during slavery, with it’s outrageous cartoon curves, took on the characterization of sexual insatiability from people that couldn’t get enough of it.

And dig, the only reason there’s so many reports now of how Black women are the least wanted of any type of women available on dating sites isn’t because Black women aren’t beautiful or desirable, it’s because there’s a natural fear of the inability to satisfy sexually a woman that’s been so objectified as the height of sexuality, especially when you consider that her “natural” mate is supposed to be the brutish, animalistic big-dick Black man.

Now dig the Black man: and until I see one hire some white dude to fuck his Black wife or see cuck porn of the same variety, I’m gonna keep right on believing that not only are Black male bodies seen as tools not always or even sometimes often at the full discretion of their owners, but that Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, like I’ve written before, was right about us always being, ahem, “armed“.

And since all anybody can think of when they see a Black man is sex, they imagine that all that a Black man himself must think of is sex.

This, in psychological circles, is called “projection”.

Couple this with the eternal innocence of the non-Black – especially white – woman, and you’ve got a rape every time a Black man fucks anything other than a Black woman; and sometimes even then.

From Nate Parker to Ian Connor to Bill Cosby, we never need more than the accusation and, as evidenced by social media, we’ve already got a verdict.

Almost not worth mentioning is the fact that Mr. Parker had a nice little career quietly humming long as a stiff-upper-lipped Negro-on-film-type until he decided to write, direct and star in Birth of a Nation, a Nat Turner biopic, which tells one of the most aggressively Black insurrection-themed tales in the history of American antebellum slavery.

Now this.

So what do I think?

Well, aside from the suspicious timing of the renewed interest in 17 year-old dismissed rape charges against Mr. Parker, I’m afraid that sometimes everything negative Black people hear in regards to each other seems to trigger some sort of crabs in a bucket-based intra-racism making us eager to try, convict and condemn regardless of whatever the evidence or even the actual outcome suggests.

And we as a people would be best to do away with dealing with racism altogether.

The reason I say this is because while unrequited love is both sad and lonely, self-hate quickly gathers subscribers and also because complaining to racists about racism is like saying to Torquemada or the Marquis de Sade “it hurts”.

It’s supposed to hurt. That’s why they’re doing it.

Not only that, telling them it hurts is music to their ears.

It lets them know what they’re doing is working.

And the only way for that shit to stop working is by breaking our link to it.

Because much like our link to American capitalism, American racism itself comes apart if we refuse to be connected to it.

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