Kodak Black Can’t Get OUT of Jail While White Rapist(s) Can’t Get IN


I have a theory – and hear me out because this is gonna be one of my kookier ones:

See, Kodak Black is not the best MC. Still, that’s no reason to be in jail. And if you look that the charges that are very technically the actual “reason” he’s in jail, false imprisonment, driving without a licence an old marijuana charge, that’s the type of shit a sane judge issues a warning for if the arresting officer wasn’t shrewd (and decent) enough to slap the perp on the back of the neck, tell him to go home and get a good night’s sleep.

Still, somebody’s gotta be in jail. They put too much money into the Prison Industrial System to keep them bitches empty.

So right on the verge of releasing Kodac Black, they found some outstanding warrants and, ta da!, they get to keep him in jail a little while longer.

And in the meantime and in lieu of real crime, you can expect that they’ll keep arresting niggas on bullshit knowing as well as the rest of us that we’ve simply grown used to the idea of niggas in jail and don’t have the heart, guts, patience or fortitude to literally demand that they stop disproportionately putting us there.

But wait – and here’s where things get strange; there are real crimes going on.

Rape seems to be fucking out of control!

And not just rape, white boys raping!

And I know, I know, I know, this flies in the face of the Nate Parker, Ian Connor, Bill Cosby insatiable Nigger rapist narrative, but in two recent yet subtly publicized cases, two college aged white boys not only raped bitches (white bitches of course and this gives credence to my theory) but one, Brock Turner, got sentenced to three months in jail and another, Austin Wilkerson, just got 2 years of work-release meaning that during the day, he’ll be able to go to work or attend school!

Now here’s where all my theoretical heaviness comes in.

It seems like there’s some sort of backlash either against the concept of feminism or just women in general that was, for a while, an undercurrent and now threatens to be making it way to the mainstream.

And make no mistake, it’s the Right Wing that’s pushing this agenda. They’re the ones that are the most afraid of the phenomenon known as “white genocide” which they imagine will be brought on by remarkably low birth rates across the board, but spectacularly low birth rates among white people in particular.

Couple that with their already adamant pro-life position and you get the germination of a notion that if Roe v. Wade can be repealed then the idea of educated (both of the above listed boys were college student) white rapists roaming the countryside and impregnating young white girls doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

Add that to the fact that the Right Wing is already hostile toward and feel threatened by homosexuality, and rape, for all it’s horror, terror and cowardice, may come to be seen as the new evidence of white male virility.

Of course this same perspective won’t work for niggas.

We gotta fill them jails, remember?

Plus, us out there raping people does not give the world more white babies.

Whatever the case, there certainly is some message being sent by the reluctance to punish the rapes of white women by white, college educated men.

And if the trend continues, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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