Why Hasidic Hoods Can Have Their Own Cops But Why They’d NEVER Let A Black Hood Do the Same


If you go up to Rockland County, New York, to the town of New Square, you’ll see that Hasidic Jews have their own everything, including police force.

In Brooklyn, in Hasidic neighborhoods, as you might know if you know Brooklyn or my might have seen in the movie Fading Gigolo, they have the same.

Of course, their police force works within the frame of the greater local and state police forces, but it’s a perfect deterrent.

If you’re Black, this might get you to thinking, “Well gee, we could do something like that!”, but no, Negro, you couldn’t and I’ll explain why.

See, what the authorities would like us to believe is that we as a people lack the structure, order and discipline to establish, maintain and perpetuate a functional police force of our own, but the reality is, our interests in policing us and America’s interest in policing us are radically different.

Understand, while the Hasidic Jews were allowed to establish a police force so that they could remove anyone from within their midst that threatened their status quo, the reason that Black people could never do the same is because the people who must be removed from our midst are the ones that threaten the American status quo.

It’s usually the innovators, the forward thinkers, the geniuses that get removed first from our communities.

Some of them, admittedly are “criminal” in the sense that they violate a “law” which may or not be a moral infraction as well.

Often enough times however, they just stand out.

The reason it’s important to take these people from within our midst is because they could establish a movement.

And a movement which results in mass Black upward mobility must not be tolerated.

A perfect example of this was back when Leroy “Nicky” Barnes had the temerity to appear on the cover of The New York Times Magazine under the headline of “Mr. Untouchable”.

President Carter himself who, interestingly enough, couldn’t do shit about the hostages in Iran, could damn sure make sure that some Nigger running the drug game in Harlem was taken off the streets.

Good thing, right?

Stopping crime, providing law and order and such?


See, like him or not, Mr. Barnes was organized.

He sold drugs to people who wanted to buy drugs he kept violence among people who were violent, he kept away from his enterprises straights and squares, let the old people go about their business and the young kids go to school

Immediately after his removal, the drug game fell into the hands of cowboys and teenagers, absolutely the worst people to expect responsibility from and the crack violence of the 80’s is evidence is of this epic failure in jurisprudence.

And not only that, the removal of Mr. Barnes and similar elders of the drug trade and other criminal hustles was an ostensible removal of grown men, something that either by accident or design – I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest design – is missing and sorely needed in the Black community.

So no, Black people could never have our own police force.

We’d likely give the likes of Nicky Barnes a pass and concentrate on the random murderers, rapists and real predators in our community.

You know, the type of folks that the current cops don’t seem to have a problem with.

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