Drake, Meek Mill & Tupac at the Soul Train Awards


Even though I was way younger, I remember that when Sam Jackson’s character in Menace II Society shot James Pickens Jr.’s character, a man that not only owed him money but had the temerity to suggest that Sam’s character could “suck my dick”, everyone else in the theater gasped but I more or less just nodded my head unevenly.

Seemed about right to me.

Similarly, now that too many media, radio and cyber-space people seem to be suggesting that Drake went too far in DC where he, from the stage, called current adversary Meek Mill a “pussy”, I’m thinking that since Drake ain’t the one that started this nonsense, why should he, if he doesn’t want to, let it end?

The best way to avoid trouble is not to start any. However, should trouble start, a rule of thumb I’ve always held to is that words should only be exchanged with more words but once physical contact gets involved, no rules apply.

Therefore if you smack somebody that turns around and shoots you dead, you had to learn the hard way that some people don’t enjoy being smacked.

Black people should be the first to agree that you can never let your aggressors determine the limitations of your response to their aggression.

And make no mistake, Meek Mill is responsible for this whole situation.

Feeling slighted by what he felt was Drake’s lack of promotion for his album, Meek took to Twitter to claim that Drake didn’t write his own lyrics.

That led to a short series of dis records, the best of which, Drake’s “Back to Back”, became the first dis record nominated for a Grammy.

The wisest move for Meek, who just moved in with girlfriend Nicki Minaj, would be to let the whole thing die out.

Eventually Drake would get tired of hitting at an unresponsive opponent and move on, probably also after taking one last awkward, ill-timed and stupid swing, like Jay Z did to Nas with “Super Ugly.”

However, if being labeled a “pussy” is too much for Meek’s fragile masculinity, I suggest he look no further than Tupac for how to handle things.

Now, I’ve always sided with Pac in his beef with The Notorious B.I.G. if if only because since they were friends, the minute Tupac even hinted that he thought Big was involved in his shooting, Biggie should have dropped whatever he was doing to straighten his ass out.

Imagine hearing on the street that your man was going around telling people that you had set him up to be robbed.

You’d be on the phone with him in one minute and at his house in ten.

But since that didn’t happen and the next time after the robbery that Tupac and Biggie saw each other it was at the 1996 Soul Train Awards, should we really be surprised that Pac’s fury was so intense that guns had to be drawn to get Big to safety?

So, still clinging to the ethos of no physical contact, if Meek absolutely must do something about Drake’s latest insult, he could always show up backstage somewhere that he knows Drake will be.

He should go alone and unarmed.

Then he could simply ask Drake – man to man and in person – “Did you mean it when you called me a pussy?”

Betcha that would end the beef, one way or another.

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