The Gay Mafia Targets Leslie Jones, Nick Cannon Attends THE REAL HU, a Black Cop Kills an Unarmed White Man & Creflo Dollar, God & Donald Trump


We can pretend that we don’t believe that Milo Yiannopoulos had anything to do with Leslie Jones website being compromised, her personal information and nudes of her leaked, but that would be disingenuous.

I mean, we can’t be sure, but since he was the last one she was beefing with and she got him removed from Twitter, the old adage of figuring out who committed a crime by determining who had the most to gain readily and rapidly applies here.

And that sucks too because gay people have become so shrewd as of late, you can’t even find fault in them for doing fucked up shit or it’s considered gay bashing.

Wait tho, don’t racist say that you can’t say shit about even criminal Black people or it’s called racism?

Was I just being homophobic?

Sorry y’all.

But fuck that faggot-ass Milo Yiannopoulos.

Meanwhile, we can also pretend that Nick Cannon’s old ass won’t be getting his inner Cosby on by attending the finest institution on this planet or any other.

That’s right, Nick Cannon’s going to Hampton!

I know you just threw up a little bit in your mouth so let me tell you and not a second too late that he’s actually going to Howard.

Feel better – or actually, worse, all things considered – now?

They are not gonna make a 35 year-old freshman stay in Drew Hall, sorry, get that out your mind right now. And is Carver still closed? Somebody holla at me.

Whatever the case, dollars to donuts you’ll find his ass sitting on the wall right outside The Quad every night for his first full week.

Then he’ll probably try to hustle some young’uns on the pool tables in the Blackburn.. predictable.

Don’t drink anything he gives you ladies!

Hey, I’m no hypocrite and Black cop named Jermaine Saunders that shot that unarmed deaf white man named Daniel Kevin Harris should be in jail!

Of course, he should be there with George Zimmerman, and the cops that shot Tamir Rice, Sean Bell, Mike Brown, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, that choked out Eric Garner…

I got another suggestion that nobody’s gonna listen to on how we can end this shit.

They need to jack up cop salaries, but reduce the number cops in the meantime making qualifying to become a cop that much harder.

It should be almost impossible to become a cop as physically fit as you’d need to be, but I’d have you making over 100k per year.

These dudes would have to arrest people, fuck just shooting cause they don’t feel like running.

Almost all the police would be former college athletes and gym junkies.

Going hand-to-hand with 5-0 wouldn’t be advised.

Lastly, legendary jack-leg Creflo Dollar is now claiming that “God” told him to endorse Donald Trump.

Don’t know about that one.

He’d have been more convincing if he’d tried to make us into believe that God told him to go to Trump screaming “Let my people go!” then turned rods into snakes, made it rain blood, killed the first born Republican in every house, then parted the Atlantic Ocean for us to walk back to Africa.

What kind of bootleg “God” is Creflo hearing from?

Can he be sure that wasn’t just a Trump volunteer on the phone and he was half-asleep when he answered the call?

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