Young Joc & Young Thug are Old Enough to Know Better


I’m not much for all those that theorize on the “Feminization of Black Men” because there’s been fags forever.

It’s not like it’s a new phenomenon.

Some niggas try to act like it was introduced to us though contact with Europeans, yet would react with great vengeance and furious anger if it were counter-argued that civilization itself was introduced to Black people through contract with Europeans.

And you can’t have it both ways.

The fact is, a man’s gonna be what a man’s gonna be.

You might be able to argue that mainstream America is more accepting of Black men that appear softer, more feminine.

You might continue by suggesting that some Black men purposely feminize themselves in hopes of attracting more of the mainstream.

But to argue that niggas that would kick rocks fuck bitches and set shit on fire are altogether becoming feminized doesn’t hold any logical weight.

All that said, what the fuck is going on with Young Joc?

Forget Young Thug. We’ll get to him.

Besides, he’s sung numerous odes to not having any interest whatsoever in The Pussy.

Nothing he does should surprise anybody.

Now, yes, I recall that some of the greatest ladies men in history wore perms and such, pimps, Iceberg Slim, Snoop occasionally, but “It’s Going Down” rapper Young Joc’s twisted observation of the tribute is so heinous he drawing “Auntie” comparisons.

The word “homage” if I’m allowed to play Dickie Webter as a tribute can be said to include the words “home” and “age”.

In other words, to pay tribute, I’m going to bring your look/style “home” to my own “age”.

One’s gotta wonder who’s look was this, Joc?

And you coulda left that where you found it.

Now, Young Thug.

Since stealing Future’s style has become the latest trend, Young Thug does deserve some credit for doing it honestly with his latest single “Future Swag“.

But Thugga’s gonna hafta get it through his head that the only way he can reach to level of celebrity he aspires to would be to put out a gay sextape.

Every other thing he’s trying has been done.

Jaden Smith and Kanye wore the dresses.

50 Cent got his teeth fixed.

Young Thug can rhyme. I don’t know if I’ve ever written that, but I know it and it’s important.

Haters always seem to mention everything but the craft.

But this guy as some sort of fashion interpreter, let’s put it this way, I still don’t understand.

In a world of bozos with talent that would just as likely go ahead and decapitate themselves in the first act of a two act show, Young Thug and A$AP Rocky seem to be lurching neck-and-neck.

I can’t imagine that it’s fun watching as the real work, the yeoman’s work is being carried out by Future, Kendrick, Kanye, J. Cole and Drake.

If this were like the NBA, maybe you’d get a draft pick or an attribute that can help you, but as an artist, you’ve gotta either work or luck into everything that you acquire.

Come out as an openly gay rapper, Thugga.

That hasn’t been done yet, I don’t think.

Oh wait…

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