Colin Kaepernick Talks Like a Champion

I usually don’t mind repeating myself but, Jesus!

I just wrote this piece.

And, if you’ll recall, I stated my opinion that some athletes – in the former case, The Carolina Panther Cam Newton, here and now, The San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick – should shut the fuck up until they’ve won a Chip.

Any loser can run off at the mouth. The words of a champion, however, require respect.

I cited as my last example the fact that Cassius Clay waited till the night he beat Sonny Liston to become Muhammad Ali and that Lew Alcindor didn’t become Kareem Abdul-Jabbar until he won his first Chip.

Now we’ve got Kap and, as a Knicks fan, I’ll also mention Carmelo Anthony, eager to be Social Justice Warriors without being completely acknowledged as warriors in the own realm.

This is problematic.

It gives the impression of the or a movement being filled with a bunch of non-committals; jacks of all trades, master of none either.

Melo’s problem may even go a little deeper that Kap’s because Melo once lamented that his son had called him a basketball player.

Going on to say how he wanted to be seen as so much more than a basketball player, the point he horrifically missed was that there’s nothing wrong with being seen as a basketball player, provided you’re seen as a great one.

Now, with the purpose and vigor that only otherwise thumb-twiddlers can muster, Melo forced, at friendpoint, his buddies LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Paul to stand up before the ESPY Awards and make a contrived call for… what exactly?

This was on the heels of another LeBron James championship so forgive me if I strained to hear only him.

Back to Kap.

It should be noted that this has been done before.

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, the former Chris Jackson, sharp-shooting point guard for the Denver Nuggets took the same stance because of his Islamic religious believes and was summarily, though quietly, blacklisted from the NBA.

Chris Jackson

Kap has to know this is the route he’s taking.

So why do think he’s taking it?

My guess is that he’s fed up with “watching” how other quarterbacks are treated and then comparing them to how he’s treated.

If you were to take the fact that recently injured Tony Romo for example, is an absolute media darling.

You’d wonder how many Chips he’s won considering the the amount of respek put on his name.

The answer is zero.

Moreover, unlike Kap, Romo’s never even made a Super Bowl appearance.

So it’s no sot much overt racism that haunts and harms Black quarterbacks driving them crazy – like Vince Young – and eventually putting them in a position to get killed – like Steve McNair – it’s the comparisons between talent versus talent, accomplishment versus accomplishment, white versus Black.

But while I’m sure it more than stings for Kap to know that his starting job isn’t guaranteed, the one thing he’s got to come to terms with, however, is the fact that he hasn’t won shit.

He was valiant in his Super Bowl effort, but it still resulted in a loss.

He think’s he’s entitled to the kind of respect that champions are afforded and that just ain’t gonna be the case.

Not until he wins one.

I mean, being homeless since April now, I’ve heard some bums deliver absolute pearls of wisdom.

But most people don’t consider the pearls, they only consider the source.

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