Kap’s Got the Right Cause Just the Wrong Man For It

LeBron James could do anything right now.

He could sell “Kill YT” t-shirts at Macy’s.

He could quarterback Hampton University to a BCS Championship.

It is he that “could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody.”

It would be like he opened a gun range.

So when one is watching Colin Kaepernick, one is left wondering what the fuck he’s doing.

Why is he making lunatic political stands from a lower platform than he’ll need?

I don’t believe him.

He’ll need more people.

And it’s not that I don’t agree.

It’s just that when anything less than a champion champion’s a cause, the cause seems suspect.

Let LeBron take up Kap’s rap.

You’ll have more white people (than the normal, substantial amount) in vocal collusion – “man, FUCK the flag!” – than opposed.

Why’s Kap even working Gabby Douglas‘ hustle anyway?

She’s (mostly) gold everything and had already called “flag” when choosing which symbol of American imperialism to make her personal punching bag.

As a nation, we respect winners disproportionately.

That’s why we buy so many Olympic medals.

That’s why we buy so many Olympic medal judges.

We can’t afford to lose.

It would be bad for the American psyche.

That’s why, like I’ve written so often, Ali was a 17 year-old member of the Nation of Islam, but didn’t announce it to the world till the night he became champion.

Could you imagine the story today?

Cassius Clay Goes Mad


Crowned new champion last night in a win over Sonny Liston, Cassius Clay announced that he is now a Black Muslim and he shall henceforth be known and referred to as Muhammad Ali. When asked why the name change, he responded, “It was that or ‘Diddy’.”

But when your alternative is obscurity, it’s best to play it a little closer to the vest.

Kap, you’re not a champion.

You and the 49ers got to within a few yards of The Chip in ’13 against Ray Lewis and the Ravens, but you came up short.

Instead of giving it another shot, looks like you’ve decided to become Fred Hampton. Fred Hampton, who I am sure, were he an athlete, would have waited until he was champion then spoke of the changes that he wanted to see in the world. Then from his platform, affected those changes.

The purity of sports to the sports fan is that we all live within the dream that our faves are absolutely consumed with winning it all. Meanwhile, we’re just in it for the paycheck at our own jobs.

So when a man does break through and it’s decided through will or intervention that this man will become King, it is a reminder to the rest of us of the value of focus.

The ability to avoid the distractions provided by money, fame, women or even political perspectives.

If we’re fans, we don’t even wanna know that you have a brain until you’re a champ then we wanna hear everything you think and have to say.

We wanna know how you did it.

What motivated you?

What were your influences?

If you flame out and you don’t even start anymore and you suck now and the only new thing you can point to that’s different is your stance on standing for the National Anthem, then that position was a bad one for you.

An athletes “politics” should put a ring on his finger.

Not chase him out of The League.

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