Gene Wilder, Chris Brown, and Blacks Against Kaepernick


It’s sad that Gene Wilder’s best collaboration with Richard Pryor was the Wilder-led Silver Streak and not the more equally yoked Stir Crazy.

Silver Streak is still outstanding, though. The scant Wilder-Pryor screen time gives you an idea of what they might have been capable of under the right circumstances; right director, right roles, right script.

Of course the movie that the late great Pryor and Wilder, who died on Monday, were first scheduled to appear in together was Blazing Saddles, which Pryor actually cowrote, but because he’d made such a screaming, bloody fucking mess on the set of The Mack, the film’s production company refused to insure him and the role instead went to the very capable Clevon Little.

Wilder, for his part, is sensational.

He plays sidekick to a Black lead much the way that Joe Biden’s been Vice President.

The scene that sticks with you is Wilder’s nonplussed enthusiasm for the fact that his Black boss has just fucked the very white Lili Von Shtupp.

Interracial sex still being a huge deal in 1974 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was just 7 years earlier, and that was about marriage! – and Wilder’s onscreen brotherhood with his Black co-star was both totally convincing and totally refreshing.

You know when Dominique Wilkins found out that Magic Johnson had AIDS the very next thing he did was get married.

In a related story, it’s time for Chris Brown to head down that aisle.

When I heard the news that some chick had called the cops on Breezy saying he had threatened her with a gun, not only did I not believe it, but I also knew the whole (true) story without needing to read about it.

If there’s a real reason you can’t ever hit a woman it’s not because it’s wrong, but because you’ll have to hit all of them.

Since it’s clear that Breezy’s rep is never gonna recover from having busted up Rihanna, the next chick that doesn’t try to check his, ahem, “passion” for her by getting similarly busted up, should be wifey.

Lastly, as you’ll note, even I’ve come down against Colin Kaepernick’s lack of standing for the flag but not because I’m opposed to the message, just the messenger.

Kap’s only appeared in a Super Bowl.

His stance should be taken up by somebody that’s actually won one.

Now, at least one of his current critics, Jerry Rice, is a champion4 times over.

Another guy, Tiki Barber, didn’t see his team win the Chip until the year after he retired.

What does that tell you?

Besides, Barber has no horses in any Black race (pardon all those puns).

One got the sense that his Asian 1st wife was just a staging area till a real prize; a white woman (blonde, of course) made herself available.

As soon as she did, that nigga was out.

Jerry, on the other hand, Mississippi Valley State alum, undeniable Black man and football GOAT no matter your criteria is more surprising and therefore troubling.

Outstanding debt, perhaps?

Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison jumped in, proving he has absolutely no knowledge of the law, and making an idiot of himself by suggesting that Kap knows nothing about racism cause Kap ain’t Black.

You know the standard protocol whenever a nigga takes a position you don’t necessarily agree with is to talk around the issue and don’t directly address it.

Perfect would have been something like, “The beauty of America is that Kaepernick’s stand is even available. Imagine living in a country where dissent wasn’t tolerated.”

See how easy that was?

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