Cam Newton, Allen Iverson & How the Media Can Make You Hate the Ones You Love


Y’all muhfuccas better start being careful about who y’all let quantify blackness for you cause it’s probably gonna be some nigga with a white wife or girlfriend.

Y’all are positively in love with them types. I see y’all.

Every time one of them niggas goes on a rant about blackness I see “likes” and “retweets” to the extent that I almost feel like explaining “You know why this nigga comes across as being so ‘Black’? His wife/girlfriend is non-Black so that shit is all he’s used to talking about. It sounds gangster because even though he loves his white lady, he hates white men and it’s that resentment you hear in every diatribe.”

I chill, tho.

Two A1, First Class niggas came under the microscope yesterday.

Both were obligatorily condemned as “coons” and summarily “cancelled” despite the fact that one, Cam Newton, has his only child with a Black woman, and the other, Allen Iverson, has a Black ex-wife that’s also the mother of his kids.

And what did each really say?

Well, Cam said that skin was only an 1/8th of an inch deep and it amazed him that so much was made of it (a truth), and AI said that “All Lives Matter“, but he made sure to say it after saying that Black Lives Matter first, a rendition so perfect I feel he must be reading my blogs.

Now, as I’ve said before, it would be enough for my mom’s generation to know that these two dudes dealt exclusively with Black women for them to be granted a pass on anything as silly as a media interview.

Meanwhile, killing a town hall full of klansmen wouldn’t be enough for Mom-N-‘Em if the nigga that did it was married to a white girl.

Mom-N-‘Em existed in simpler times.

Still, why is the issue of race is a required topic of discussion only for Black people?

We weren’t he ones, in 1790, who invented race in the first place.

You’d think every white boy that appeared on television would hear shit like, “What’s it like being a white doctor? Are there any special challenges you face?”

Can you imagine?

Black people, meanwhile, get asked bullshit like that all the time.

Wanna know why?

It’s a distraction intended to knock you off your grind, plain and simple.

Now, in addition to simply thinking about the task at hand, you’re also supposed to be thinking about being Black while dealing with the task at hand.

So who, do you think, between Blacks and whites, has the less complicated road?

But back to my original point and let’s wrap this bullshit up: Cam Newton should simply stop talking.

In 1971, Cowboys star running back Duane Thomas didn’t fuck with the media at all and the Cowboys won the Super Bowl.

If Cam is unfamiliar with references that old-school, you’d think he’d know from “Beast Mode” himself,  Marshawn Lynch that you really don’t hafta say nothing to them fools, they’re only around to trip you up and, like I said, distract you.

You’re gonna end up talking yourself right out of a ring, Cam.

AI, of course, hasn’t said shit wrong since “Practice?!?”

Allow him to carry on.

And as for the rest of y’all niggas: stop “cancelling” each other, stop calling other niggas “coons”, stop feeling or trying to prove yourself “blacker than thou”.

This skin is entitled to as many opinions as the number of people wearing it.

And unless you’ve got the Yarmouth ready with all-expenses-paid back to Africa, I doubt I’d trust you as a “leader”.

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