Pete Rock vs. Lil Yachty is far from One-Sided


As with any battle of the ages, the older “legend” expects the world to have his back when he contends with the young upstart, but what that legend forgets too often is his own youth.

The time in  his life he describes to defend his own greatness is probably similar to the current time in the life of the upstart.

And surely, there were old haters around when Pete Rock was where Lil Yachty is now.

Admittedly, Yachty is not my cup of vodka.

I’d heard 1 Night over the radio for a while and kept wondering, “Why not?” every time the chorus went “I can’t have no wife.”

Having a wife has always made perfect sense to me.

But Yatchy laments a girl that called him “boo” then “turned around and fucked the crew” in the song and would now just like his relationships with women to be purely sexual.

When Pete Rock was around Yachty’s 19 years of age, he’d made T. R. O. Y. (They Reminisce Over You) my personal pick as finest Hip Hop single ever.

As promised by the title, the song speaks in series of memories about the past, all centered around the recently and tragically deceased Troy “Trouble T-Roy” Dixon one of late rap superstar Heavy D’s dancers.

Pete Rock is the DJ/Producer.

His former band mate, CL Smooth is the MC.

So I’m gonna still take Pete over Yachty musically.

But that’s the thing.

Yachty’s active. There’s no limit to his potential. Just because I disagree with his preferred marital status, doesn’t mean he can’t catch my attention with something else.

A song like “All In” for example, makes me understand what my great DJ friend said to me recently about the reclassification of Tramp music.

“It’s not that I hate it,” he said, “Just don’t call it Hip Hop.”

And until Yachty, I may have disagreed. Now I see his point.

If it’s arguable that Future is the true father of Trap, then I would still contend that it should be Hip Hop. This is because in addition to his melodic talk-singing, Future has bars.

When it’s time to rap, Future raps.

Lil Yachty seems to be from a deviation of Trap where the lead vocalist isn’t a rapper. All he’s doing is talk-singing. In fact, on the song “All In”, he’s got actually rappers as feature artists. He’s not one of them, the rappers that is, but he knows some.

And, again, at 19, who knows how far Yatchy can go.

Pete Rock is from a famed era in Hip Hop. He was hot right after Public Enemy, during X Clan and before Wu-Tang.

If you were an ex-New Yorker at the time, every time you heard the first few chords of Reminisce, it might have taken you home a bit, made you, in fact, reminisce.

And Pete and CL and Pete himself had fantastic careers. Pete Rock produced as song on Watch the Throne.

Still, time is on Yachty’s side. Will his career measure up to that of Pete Rock’s? Will Pete’s continue, leaving even more of a legacy?

If I were Yachty, I’d be inspired.

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