Who Killed Darren Seals?


One of the things about murdering someone you consider to be a trouble maker is that all your other potential trouble makers get a valuable lesson.

Another thing, dependent on the method of the murder, you get to enforce the point that you’re serious.

So much of protesting and movements is shit-talking that if you’re not careful, you might actually start to believe how gangster somebody in ranks claims they keep it.

Then a murder just like that of Mr. Seals in Ferguson, Missouri happens and you get the opportunity to see who, if anybody, keeps it gangster.

Mr. Seals body was found shot to death inside of a burning car.

Subtlety was not applicable.

Now, I’m ignorant of Darren Seals beyond having just discovered that he was an early member of Black Lives Matters and having also read that he was critical of some of the new elements that seemed to be having influence within the group.

Uh oh.

He had to realize that those new influences were monetary influences. Realizing that, you know he understood that money means power.

When none other than Dick Gregory himself dismisses Black Lives Matter as “bullshit” because of their Koch brothers connections, it’s easy to imagine how someone who’d been around from the inception till the current manifestation of Black Lives Matters might have a negative opinion of some of the changes.

Like I’ve written myself, if your playbook doesn’t seem to evolve much beyond waiting till an unarmed Black gets killed by the cops so that you can show up and scream then it doesn’t take long before you’re actually rooting for unarmed Blacks to get killed by the cops.

But who even knows if was an inside job that cost Mr. Seals his life?

That’s one of the particular beauties of killing Black people in America, not only do you have to be the biggest klutz imaginable not to get away with it, but any time a black corpse turns up, the list of possible assailants is literally endless.

Even if he weren’t so politically active, there would always be the chance that the police killed Mr. Seals.

And we can believe what we want about Eugenics-motivated population control, organ harvesting or just plain racism, I, for one, would be absolutely incredulous at discovering that a lot more unaccountable deaths and disappearances among Black people weren’t actually attributable to either local, national or local and national law enforcement.

That, and with Mr. Seals being Black, it’s supposed to just naturally be assumed that at any time, a grim specter from his past or even present, the types of which strangely always hold exclusive provenance in Negro life, leapt up to greet and kill him.

“The Streets” we’ll hear it claimed, “did it”, like Black people are the one specific genre of horror movie-like victims that can become literally engulfed in a parkway, lane or road.

And now, as we all coast along in our survivor guilt, chastened again with yet another reminder of what can, will, and does happen to us whenever we forget to stay in our places, we know for certain that anything beyond token inquiries into Mr. Seals’ death will neither be expected nor required.

It all almost does make you wish that real-life Black people were as cartoon psychotic as our rap video counterparts.

That being the case, tons of snarling, poorly dressed, heavily armed goons of all complexions could descend upon whichever precinct, organization or government agency overstepped their bounds by claiming one of ours.

And we’d see a little justice for a change.

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