Is it Time for a New National Anthem?


If we look at it this way, we’re lucky because the two greatest song writers in American history both happen to be alive right now.

And while yeah, I put respek on the names of everyone from Nas to Cole Porter, the reality is, for the combination of quality plus quantity of product, nobody beats Jay Z or Bob Dylan.

Remember, Hov was an album a year for 8 straight years before his first retirement, and has subsequently produced 4 solo and 1 collaborative joint.

Bob Dylan, if it needs saying more than he’s the absolute father of Rock music (not Rock and Roll) then any 1/2 fan could rattle of a list of titles – likely to include “Idiot Wind“, “Subterranean Homesick Blues“, “Rainy Day Women“, “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go“, “Ballad of a Thin Man” and the song that started everything, “Like a Rolling Stone” for proof of his unsurpassed pedigree.

And get this straight: perhaps the one correct thing those powdered up, wig-wearing slave-owners did after ripping off mother England for it’s colonies and scribbling their names across that document that Thomas Jefferson plagiarized from George Mason called “The Constitution of the United States of America” was that since they knew the document they were signing was fucked up to being with, they made provisions for Amendments.

That being the case, I can’t see how anyone would have a problem with revamping a song that, well, doesn’t at all speak for the America we live in today.

Mothafuckas only get all crazy about tradition until it violates something they wanna do, or it’s opposed by the wrong sort of people.

If, say, a couple of years back, Tom Brady had taken a knee when the anthem was being played because let’s imagine that he had a gay brother that wanted to marry, there would have probably been a few grumbles of disapproval.

The rest of America would have undoubtedly seen his stance as heroic and it’s likely that Brady’s star power and status as a champion may have even swayed people that would have otherwise been hostile to the idea of using football to push a political position.

Of course, the reason Colin Kaepernick and his subsequent following are catching such hell for protesting the flag by taking a knee is because so many Americans just can’t stomach the ingratitude so often shown by Black Americans.

Looked at from their prospective, Blacks were saved from the wilds of Africa, brought to America, cleaned up, civilized – as much as possible – Christinized, and the painfully few of us that do die without recourse at the hands of American law enforcement should be treated as collateral damage, ignored and considered well worth the cost of all the benefits we’ve enjoyed.

And while Black people have a tendency to disagree with this perspective, there is one ironclad argument that can be and is often used against us: we haven’t left.

Allow me to offer as a possibility the notion that we’re waiting for America to actually become the nation that it’s always claimed to be.

And I say we start with the Anthem.

Hov and Bob Dylan together, what tops that?

I trust these guys implicitly and wouldn’t even dream of making any suggestions with the exception being that I believe that it should be noted in the song that America, like every nation, is still a flawed work in progress

Then maybe a little Beyonce on the hook, Kanye on the beat.

That “Star-Spangled Banner” bullshit that Francis Scott Key wrote 102 years ago is long past it’s expiration date.

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