Is it “Appropriate” to Teach School When You’ve Got a Body Like This???


Ya’ll know I can’t help myself and quote shit before I finish reading it and, well, here I go again:

“If a woman loves her own body, she doesn’t grudge what other women do with theirs; if she loves femaleness, she champions it’s rights.”

–Naomi Wolf

How great is it that, albeit 20 some-odd years late, I’m reading Ms. Wolf’s The Beauty Myth right as the fabulous Patrice “Tricey” #teacherbae Brown becomes a hot Twitter topic because she’s a 4th grade teacher built like WorldStar Candy.

The battle lines were drawn not so much over whether Ms. Brown should, in fact, teach – teaching being the most honorable profession, who could with any kind of wherewithal knock a teacher? – but whether or not her clothing was appropriate.

Yeah, I know, bullshit.

In each of the pics I posted, Mr. Brown is fully clad and if her critics had any kind of honesty, intellectual or otherwise, they’d admit that what rubs them the wrong way is simply the fact that Ms. Brown is.

Now, I’m not saying that they’d rather she’d be dead. No, what I’m suggesting is that they’d rather she not exist at all, or, if her existence is necessary, they can’t help but hate the fate that brought her to their attention.

Just when you’ve almost battled down Kim Kardashian and the like, here comes something else to deal with.

But more than all that even I think is the dual phenomenon of internet sensation and the concept of beauty as Ms. Wolf has tackled.

The internet sensation part I’ll handle here by saying this, just like with porn which displaces men’s desire from real women whom he could actually meet and fuck and places it on idealized women he has virtually no chance of ever encountering, it must be finally admitted that the reason so many dudes get caught up in internet sensations is because they don’t want real women or real pussy.

The idea of either to them is terrifying so to justify denying themselves both is the hokey out of suggesting that real women don’t “measure up” to the fantasies one indulges in through porn and internet sensations.

It’s like that old Norman Mailer quote about masturbation but tailor-made for the 21 Century.

This, ladies, sadly, is today’s man. Or too many of us, at least.

Now with beauty, the truth is, although I’d come to a lot of Ms. Wolf’s conclusions on my own before reading the book, she does make for more than worthwhile reading with a total take down and trashing of the fashion and cosmetic industry as well as how the very concept of beauty is merely a plot to keep women beholden to aspirations towards male standards of femininity.

That part’s deep.

How does it all relate to Tricey Brown?

Well, since by now almost everybody knows that one’s reaction to something tells more about the person reacting than the phenomena that caused the reaction, your own personal reaction to Ms. Brown says it all.

I doubt anyone would have had a problem with pics of a blubbery fat teacher for two reasons:

  1. The very base of our obsession with the fucked up or fallen is that it gives us an opportunity to feel better about ourselves
  2. She’d be perfectly in line with our no-so-subconscious belief that teachers, for the most part, are losers which culminates in the age-old expression, “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.”

Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that Ms. Brown can.

And she’s teaching anyway.

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