Why Iman Shumpert DIDN’T Cheat on Teyana Taylor


Nobody ever just tells.

Telling is part of an ultimatum. “If you don’t buy me a Benz/ring/crib, I’ma tell.”

Also, if things were going hunky dory and they were still rocking, why ruin everything by telling?

These are the issues I have now that some “anonymous” trick has leapt forward to claim that current NBA Champion, Cleveland Cavalier 2-guard Iman Shumpert has been cheating on his fiance and the mother of his child Teyana Taylor for the better part of two years.

Now, the odds are, Iman did fuck this chick.

But as anybody who’s ever fucked anybody can tell, sometimes ex-fucks become good friends, better, in fact, than many platonic friends and some of those friendships can endure.

Poor Iman if he’d run up in this ho and she’d pretended to be his friend so he shared shit with her like security codes and snap info only to have her switch up and show her true intentions.

And what were those intentions?

Well, here’s a little secret that you probably did already know but, since you may be currently rocking in one of these type relationships, you choose to deny it to yourself: whenever one of your ex-fucks turns into a good friend, one of ya’ll wishes that friendship was more than a friendship.

Shit, even in situations with great buddies like Jerry and Elaine, they waited till the final episode to have Elaine begin to tell Jerry that she’d always loved him.

And while this chick might have been Kool and the Gang with the “news” that Iman had moved on to Teyana and hey, we’re having a baby! And hey, we’re getting married!

That smile sure as shit turned into gritted teeth as this relationship just seemed to last and last and last.

Here’s where I think homegirl snapped: the Fade video.

See, it’s enough to know something.

You can be aware of it, it can be part of your consciousness, you can even understand it, but then, on top of all that, to have to see it?

That can be too much.

Your girl, on a very fundamental level had already come to terms with the fact that Iman was gone, reconciled the fact that he was gone to Teyana, dealt with the fact that they had a child, and then to have to suffer through not only the fact that by flossing that completely ill body,  Teyana seemed almost to be gloating over how bad she is, but then to close the video with the image of her and Iman a one big happy perfect couple, meltdown.

So now, here we are, witnessing one last ditch effort to throw salt.

Needless to say Iman, much like Ricky Ricardo, is gonna have some ‘splaining to do.

But now, at a time that we need more than ever all the reassuring images of Black love that we can get, here’s to hoping that Teyana sees this bullshit for what it is.

Unless, of course, Iman really did cheat on her.

Then Teyana, my email address is DickieBhee@gmail.com

And you can send all the nudes you want!

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