The Chelsea Explosion & Why New Yorkers are Used to Terrorism in September


Nowadays, there are so many cameras everywhere that you can’t enter one area carrying anything and leave that area empty-handed so if the alleged “terrorists” who planted some type of explosive devise that rocked the Chelsea area of Manhattan injuring 29 people, one seriously on Saturday, September 17 at sometime before 9pm aren’t caught as quickly as, say the Boston Marathon bombers, then of course, the fix was in, the thing was planned and it’s time to look around for who on our side is behind this whole thing.

My money would go immediately on the Republican party.

And although it’s absurd to imagine that one party or the other would be better at actually preventing acts of terror, the one thing you can count on that many people seem to appreciate more from Republicans than Democrats is how acts of terror are responded to.

President Obama seems to employ patient and measured responses to terrorism, when he seems to respond at all. The Boston Marathon bombing being a good example.

Those two brothers were methodically tracked down, one killed and the other still currently and perhaps eternally imprisoned.

Now, part of the visceral thrill of living in New York is that you expect all the action to be focused on you. Not saying that New Yorkers would have preferred the Boston Marathon bombing to have happened to the New York Marathon, but there was certainly an almost quizzical “why Boston?” attitude that was tangible even in the New York press

Of course, the last time New York was attacked in a major way by terror, an attack that also occurred in September and perhaps also numbed New Yorkers to any potential subsequent attacks and the notion of terrorism itself, was the 9/11 attacks.

The type of people that vote Republican got out of the Commander-in-Chief of the United States at the time, one George W. Bush, exactly what that type always expects and wants as a response to anything foreign seeming; war.

Never mind that Mr. Bush started not one but two wars and that neither of the countries he attacked, Iraq and Afghanistan, seemingly had anything to do whatsoever with 9/11, America was on the move and that was what was really important.

So pardon me if, as usual, I see a man behind the curtain once again as yet another episode of “terrorism” is inflicted and now must be analyzed, categorized, put in perspective an classified.

Yeah, there are lone nuts out there.

The types that, for whatever reason, follow no clear paths of logic towards conclusions that always suggest to them that the best course of action is to try to cost the lives of as many people as possible.

And if this Chelsea bombing were the act of just such a lone nut, expect him to have left a video trail in these Orwellian times so easy to trace that the police should be knocking on his door right… now.

But if he’s tough, really tough, or impossible to find, please bear in mind, that this is an election year.

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