Whenever I hear the term “Minority” I’m like…

Every time I hear the term “minority”, I expect to be offended by everything I hear after it and I’m never disappointed.

I – seemingly alone – know why the term is used.

I also know the intention behind using it.

It’s intended use, quite simply, is to let you know not to start no shit.

You ain’t got the numbers.

You’re part of a “minority”.

Meanwhile, there’s a “majority” out there.

And fucking around against it would be suicidal.

Think better of it.

And keep in mind, this is done by Americans to Americans.

You’ll hear niggas described as a “minority”.

This should trigger us to ask, “Who exactly are there more of?” cause that’s actually the point.

In this proud land of rugged idealism and individuality it should be nothing short of blasphemous to suggest that man can be reduced to a “type” and moreover, that there’s more of one “type” than another.

Most explicitly, the term “minority” is ridiculous because even if you’re a twin,  there’s exactly one of The Specific “You”, just like there’s exactly one of everybody else in existence.

There’s not just one Dickie Bhee and a million Donald Trumps.

At least I don’t think there are.

So when you turn and face the word “minority” for it’s intent, it’s really both aggressive and hostile.

Because why on earth would you feel the need to remind a fellow citizen that your implied group outnumbers his or hers?

Of course, the psychological implication is clear.

If you are to accept and intuitively believe that you’re part of some “minority”, you’re less likely to riot, fight back or even defend yourself when wronged by an alleged “majority”.

What you’re likely to do is take what’s done to you and if it’s bad, be grateful it’s not worse.

However, If there is anything great about the English language it’s that it’s got a whole bunch of words all meaning different things.

I once got into a debate at a wine-and-cheese thing with some very erudite looking Soul Brother that contended that there was no difference in the meaning between the words “gifted” and “talented”.

My answer to this was two-fold; they only create another word if they need another meaning and simplifying, I suggested that “gifted” implied having something bestowed upon the self by The Creator while “talented” simply meant having a knack for something.

When Dude tried to argue that even those meanings were the same, I simplified further saying that a gift was something given while a talent was an innate ability.

Dude still didn’t see the difference so eventually I asked him, “If I gave you a cheeseburger, would you have a talent for it?”

Years later, he’s probably still sitting where I left him thinking that one over.

But lets finish this one here: you’d think that enough inanity had taken place when “white people” both named and created themselves back in 1790.

All they had to do was leave it at that.

There could have simply been “whites” and “non-whites”.

But since they went ahead and invented this “minority” bullshit too, they’re eventually gonna hafta live with it when it’ll best describes them come 2044.

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town. Also: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E7NYMP4

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