The Trouble with JR Smith


I never liked JR Smith.

Not even when he was a Knick. If one of the Knick teams he’d been on had managed to win a championship, I would have had to tolerate him, but that didn’t happen.

But my dislike of JR Smith goes back to his Denver Nugget days.

I just remember wondering “Who the fuck is this cocky son of a bitch?”

When I found out he’d gone to the NBA right from high school, I wondered if his talent warranted the jump.

When I found out he was originally from New Jersey, everything started to make sense.

Don’t know if ya’ll know any, but Jersey niggas are only either some of he coolest people you’ll ever meet, often talented and chill, or the biggest deadbeats alive.

Living as close to a metropolis like New York as most New Jersey residents do, seemingly can only affect one in two ways: it can make you grateful for easy access to shopping, partying and job opportunities or it can give you a chronic case of “little brother syndrome“.

There is no third option.

One of the Top 10 MCs of all time, Redman, is from Jersey.

Then again, so is Joe Budden. See where I’m going with this?

And it’s funny I hafta mention Joe Budden who, douche though he is, cannot be mistaken for a man without talent, in the same breath with JR Smith because, as many will recall, it was a Budden’s ex, big butt model Tahiry, that JR Smith once posted ass-out on a social media account.


Nice going, fellas.

And I was never so  happy as when Nate Robinson dumped JR Smith on his head during that infamous Knicks-Nuggets brawl.


Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

Now, of course, JR Smith is a champion, having won a Chip with this year’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

Two things happened subsequently that almost swayed me toward being happy for the dude, tho.

The first was that his daughter, a doll of a little girl, said that she had been worried that her daddy might get cut.

The second was that Smith himself in critiquing his own criticism said that he hoped that the representation of himself that had been presented to the world would not have people thinking that this was the young man that his mother and father raised him to be.

That was deep.

Then the nigga appeared shirtless in public for maybe the next month straight.

Now JR Smith is a trending topic again and for what else?

Being the deadbeat-type of Jersey dude.

It seems now that he’s got a Chip, he’s an expert on all things sports related so he took time out of his busy shirtless schedule to weigh in on the fact that New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis has been doing an impression of Elvis “Toast” Patterson lately and getting burned bad by every receiver he’s faced.

Of course, Revis didn’t take too kindly to this shit and a Twitter war ensued.

Expect JR Smith to weigh in on absolutely everything from his platform as a confirmed champion.

And we’ll just have to tolerate it.

Wait till he finds out former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley is also a former NBA Champion.

It’ll be politics next.

Meanwhile, if I may paraphrase Dave Chappelle’s Rick James from the legendary Rick James skit, in that scene where after Eddie and Charlie Murphy whip poor Rick’s legs and Rick bemoans, “They shoulda never gave you niggas money.”

Well, as far as JR goes…

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