Why Officer Betty Shelby Shot Terence Crutcher


As they approached the vehicle a black male started towards them,” Tulsa Police spokesperson Jeanne Mackenzie told KOTV. “They asked him to show his hands. He refused to follow commands given by the officers. They continued to talk to him. He continued not to listen, not follow any commands as they got closer to the vehicle he reached inside the vehicle and at that time there was a Taser deployment and then a short time later there was one shot fired.”

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The Tulsa Police Department released other videos from the shooting. The first video shows the scene of the shooting from a police helicopter. In the video, one of the helicopter pilots says, Crutcher, “looks like a bad dude … might be on something.”

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I told this girl once that whenever a man sees another man that he immediately sizes the next man up to analyze how he’d have to deal against that man should an altercation ensue. The girl didn’t believe me so she asked another man seated at a nearby table if what I had said was true. The other man just laughed.

When Terence Crutcher’s car broke down and the police arrived, he was probably expecting help, but from their own reports, they started treating him like a perp and demanding that he show his hands. Must have been frustrating.

Mr. Crutcher, a father of four, was returning from taking classes at a local college. Odds are, he just wanted to get home.

Still, when you consider that this particular time in history is perhaps the most tense ever between American law enforcement and the Black community, every exchange is potentially fraught with peril.

So we’ve got what was likely to be a frustrated Black man and the police, one of which – the one that fired the fatal shot, Officer Betty Shelby – is a woman.

Now, this is not an indictment of female cops, but the role of police officer being overwhelmingly masculine, would require that a female working in that capacity to acquire an at least vaguely masculine mentality like the willingly to analyze how she’d have to deal against the next person should an altercation ensue.

And, I’m sorry, but Mr. Crutcher’s movements do seem to be frustrated. Even though he has both hands raised and clearly visible, he’s got the body language of someone that’s had to repeat himself five times to the counter person at McDonald’s. Not that he looks dangerous, just that he can’t believe anybody’s that mothafuckin stupid.

Now, you couple Mr. Crutcher’s frustration with Ms. Shelby’s potentially taking an instant dislike to him and then add in the fact that his looks already gave off a “bad dude” vibe to somebody in a helicopter so you can imagine what they looked like up close, and we’re left certain that Ms. Shelby’s analysis was that for the betterment of all humanity, her world in particular, to both start and end the altercation she felt destined to occur.

Was this the right decision?

Does it matter?

What’s done is done.

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