Which 2016 Candidate Will Prosecute Cops Like the One that Killed Keith Lamont Scott?


It’s a shame Black people are so poorly politically educated otherwise we might realize that more than anything else, a vote is a bargaining chip and you should expect to get something in return for casting it.

If we knew stuff like that, we could approach both candidates in this year’s election on some, “Yeah, all that shit you’re saying sounds sweet, but we’ve got an issue that needs handling. Now which of the two of y’all muhfuccas gon’ handle it?”

As I’ve written, our vote decides the election. We’ve got a chance to play kingmaker.

But while the case of Keith Lamont Scott, a 43 year-old disabled Charlotte, North Carolina man that was reading a book at the time that he was confronted and ultimately murdered by one Officer Brentley Vinson, a 26 year-old in his 2nd year on the Force, may actually receive some semblance of justice because both the shooter and the victim were Black and if history has proven anything, it’s that as with the case of Peter Liang, the Blue Wall of Silence springs leaks when it’s supposed to cover non-whites, far more problematic remains the too-recent killing of Terence Crutcher, the 40 year-old man in Tulsa that was killed by Officer Betty Shelby ostensibly because Mr. Crutcher was having car trouble.

It will be must-see TV if Ms. Shelby is ever prosecuted because her defense is virtually impossible.

First, it would have to be explained why she and a partner approached a man having car trouble with guns drawn.

Second, audio of Mr. Crutcher actually disobeying police orders – which it’s been argued that he did despite the fact that video clearly shows him with his hands up – will have to be made available.

Third, some justification for the shooting itself will have to be given.

If Ms. Shelby uses the standard, “I was afraid” and beats the rap, the precedent set will be literally terrifying because it will have become a legal act or, at least become confirmed as a legal act, to shoot Black people because you are afraid of them.

And it’s then, again, we may need to question why our taxes pay the salaries of people that murder us out of fear.

But, again, it’s here that a more politically savvy, informed or aware group would use the fact that it’s got a vote to push a platform that could potentially end all this bullshit.

Just like the LGBT community bullied Barack Obama in 2012 into legalizing gay marriage for the price of their vote, if either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump really wanted ours, they could be, ahem, “convinced” that it would be well worth the sacrifice of those pathetically inept police officers that never seem to waste time verifying whether or not some poor, unfortunate owner and wearer of Black and brown skin should actually be shot and killed.

Make no mistake, the reason that cops shoot and kill Black people right now is because there’s absolutely no consequence against doing so.

There are, in fact, in places like New York, actually rewards for doing just that.

If prosecution were imminent or even, fuck, the threat of potentially losing your job, you’d see a considerable reduction.

Still, unlike those shrewd boycott participants that brought Montgomery, Alabama’s bus company to it’s knees, Black people seem to have decided in recent years to forgo direct financial/political action to affect policy and instead wait around for people to “find it in their hearts” to change.

But “change”, as the other meaning of the word implies, comes from the wallet, not the heart.

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