Time for Air Jordan to Hit the Streets of Charlotte, North Carolina


From his new perch of Man Vaguely Woke after having survived years of being Mr. Republicans Buy Sneakers Too, it’s time for Michael Jordan to literally hit the streets of Charlotte to find out, as Marvin Gaye would say, what’s going on.

Lord knows it would buoy the spirit of the protesters why by now must feel that the whole thing world is against them.

It would do them some good to feel supported by the home state’s most famous homeboy.

But it would also be pretty good for Mike.

It’s been 32 years since Michael Jordan had to walk around as an even somewhat unknown young Black man and reminders will beat the best crash courses any day.

If done thoughtfully, Jordan could bring, say, an ESPN camera crew with him and film the whole thing.

Jordan, already the prime facie destroyer of the dual myths that Black athletes weren’t clutch and that Black athletes would rather look good and lose than look bad and win could also provide unique insight and maybe even find some that would explain to ignorant America how a history of such atrocities must invariably lead to the frustration we see spilling over into the streets.

At the very least, he could interview everybody that’s wearing Air Jordans.

He should feel he owes them at least that.

The murder of Keith Scott by the hands of the Charlotte police, the crime that sparked the Charlotte protests, on the surface seems indefensible.

If, as his defenders are claiming, Mr. Scott was holding a book and if, as the police are claiming, they continually demanded that he drop his gun, then you can imagine him, medicated as he was to combat his traumatic brain injury, confused as fuck about all the yelling and looking around for the gunman himself.

Never poor Terence Crutcher’s situation out in Tulsa.

That, as I wrote yesterday, is a lost cause.

You need no further proof that the deck was stacked for Officer Betty Shelby to walk than the charge they decided to pursue whereas if only using deductive reasoning, you’d have to wonder why it was that Officer Shelby chose to feel murderously threatened after back-up had arrived and there were even more police officers there that could have helped her deal with an unarmed Black man with his hands in the air.

And while we’re on the subject, what is the big deal about weather or not some poor police-murdered Black man is “unarmed”?

Since when did simply possessing a gun warrant death-by-cop?

That whole “unarmed” bullshit is just another distraction positioned to get even us to accept as credible inane reasons for killing us.

It’s used as a ruse to draw limitations around who we can express sympathy towards.

As long as he’s not actively engaged in the process of attacking the police or anyone else with his gun, he should either be arrested if he’s breaking the law or left the fuck alone if he’s minding his own business.

As it stands, a nigga would hafta be unarmed, with no police record whatsoever or arrest record, with his hands in the air face flat against the concrete, working three jobs with a Black wife and family, taxes all paid up, a Ph.D and the Republican founder of an anti-Muslim Christian church before even half of America might suspect something wrong about him being murdered by the police.

Still, even then, the cops that shot him could always claim they were “scared” and would subsequently be found innocent of any and all charges.

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