Unsurprisingly, It Takes a White Savior to Provide a Safe Haven for Black Strippers


So I’m reading along in the Daily News about an undercover strip joint in Brooklyn and how it makes money – almost all profit for the strippers – without the necessity of any male intervention or management whatsoever, all the while wondering why the Daily News is blowing up anybody’s spot like that!

I mean this place seems to be, comparatively, heaven for strippers.

Black strippers can wear their natural hair, all body types are accepted and the dancers themselves keep almost all their money and tips, creating an almost “Old Town” from Sin City-level of female autonomy over the sex trade.

However, my whole opinion of the article changed the second I read the proprietor of that Bushwick, Brooklyn undercover strip joint invoke unsolicited her “white privilege.”

Talk about an “aha!” moment.

Then everything, including why the Daily News was profiling this place began to make sense.

Whereas, if this had been a Black run and operated joint, the most likely way that we’d have heard about it wouldn’t have been in the Lifestyle section of the paper but the crime blotter via police raid through which accusations of everything from drug sales to illegal gambling to prostitution were levied to a readily believing public, since it’s a white woman behind the curtain, the Daily News took an opportunity to celebrate this as evidence of the power of white feminism’s ability to take the reigns in the profession that employs the type of women that have historically been most exploited; sex workers.

And while that’s cute and on the surface, yes, it should be applauded, the mere fact that we can feel certain that a Black run establishment operating along the same parameters would not be considered cute at all nor applauded points to a history of fanatical interest in the restriction, prohibition and negation of any signs of black proprietorship that points to everything from why Blacks that encounter law enforcement are killed disproportionately to the fact that Black behavior itself is seemingly criminalized until and beyond the extent to which it can be profited off of, examples including The Number becoming the lottery and marijuana becoming legal.

It’s why sellers of 1 gram of crack – seen to be part of a Black trade and market – face the same time in jail as sellers of 18 grams of coke – viewed as part of a white trade and market.

There’s an obsession in America with keeping Black people not only poor but at the bottom of America’s racial totem pole which invites everyone including “illegal” immigrants to leapfrog us and aspire unencumbered toward the American dream.

You’ve gotta remember that America was created to be a utopia for the type of white people that weren’t born into the nobility of their ancestral European homelands.

And for the folks handpicked to be servants in this new utopia to rise to a level anywhere near those designed to rule the place would be affront unimaginable to its founders.

Therefore, for America, Blacks rising as a group becomes the inmates running the asylum, becomes, literally, the Planet of the Apes and it can never happen.

So forgive me if even for the sake of feminism, I refuse to applaud this Brooklyn strip joint where again, despite breaking free of male control, I’d still witness invariably external control of the Black body.

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