American Muslims: Until After the Election, NEVER Leave Your Homes Completely Unattended


Yes, I know I’m panicky and I see just about everything as part of some grand design laid out by the Devil or, even worse, Newt Gingrich himself, but as I was watching the devastation of two homes that blew up entirely in Paterson, New Jersey yesterday, a fleeting thought took root and became what you’re about to read.

I wonder if those homeowners are Muslim.

Not that it matters at all, of course, if they’re not, but if they are, we could be witnessing the dry run of something so nefarious that only America could even attempt to pull it off.

And don’t act like you don’t realize that, logical or not, the country is literally slouching toward the first term of a Trump Presidency.

You’d also have to be deaf in both ears and unable to read a news ticker not to know that one of the cornerstones of his platforms is baring the immigration of Muslims into this country.

Now, how many steps away from ordering a mass deportation do you think that little number is?

Therefore if you’re a Trump employee, operative or even a Trump sympathizer, it could never be a bad thing to witness or even plant Muslims behind any random atrocity.

Actually planting them there might take a little gumption, but let’s not pretend that if it came down to picking between Trump and Clinton supporters as to which ones would be the quickest to mobilize, go out into the world and, in the words of Tupac, bomb first, you’d be crazy to bet against Trump’s team.

And make no mistake America; we’re a dumb country.

Not only is our literacy rate well behind Cuba’s, but we eagerly ate up the notion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that Afghanistan was behind 9/11.

Once the American media gets its spin machine going at full crank, its doubtful if even those operating the levers are able to totally remember what’s truth and what’s fiction.

And sadly, at a certain point, the difference between truth and falsehood doesn’t even matter. Once an agenda’s been put in motion, the only thing that matters is its success or failure.

Malcolm X may have coined the phrase “By any means necessary”, but he certainly wasn’t the first one to act along the guidelines.

You think it would take much convincing of Joe “John Q. Public” Citizen that all those Muslim homes that suddenly started exploding weren’t filled with homemade bombs that were going off in advance of their intended use?

That being the case, I’d advise my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to never leave their homes completely unattended.

This is the perfect time to have that deadbeat cousin, slacking in his din, but eager to help out, act as loyal guard dog.

Who knows who could be sneaking in and planting who knows what when nobody’s home?

It’s unfortunate that so many people learn so late something that niggas know nearly from birth: that America spouts plenty of pretty platitudes, but the reality of this bitch is a different thing altogether.

Also, this is an election year.

And while y’all might think that the Wrath of Allah is something to be dreaded, it ain’t got shit in the Villainy of the Republican Party!

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