Is it Time for a New “Gay” Disease?


I’m not dense enough to call myself a “student of history” but I am geezer enough to remember certain shit so it kinda tickles me whenever muhfuccas from this current era start acting like they invented shit that’s either been here for years or is simply being recycled, like fads, trends and styles always are.

Of particular interest, of course, is this alleged “new” tolerance for homosexuality which, if you had only begun paying attention, you might think got it’s start under the Obama administration and his same-sex marriage legislation.

And while, ok, gay marriage is a highlight – I guess – in the overall movement towards tolerance and acceptance, a climate that enjoyed a more genuine tolerance already passed.

The reason I say genuine is because unlike today, where fags have got the entertainment, cultural and political fields so significantly “on lock” that if some cocksucker announces himself and you, Joe Public, don’t stand up and cheer, you’re subsequently labeled as a homophobic Republican hatemonger, likely Trump supporter and all around ne’er do well.

But no, for my money, the high water mark as far as the actual acceptance of homosexuality and, as a byproduct, homosexuals as simply people with little more than different carnal appetites came in the 70s.

My reason(s) for believing this are fourfold.

First, the party scene was egalitarian. I mean sure, there were still “gay nights” at clubs but it was absolutely nothing for straights to show up at them and gays weren’t barred from partying with straights on non-gay nights.

Second, when none other than the hyper-macho, hyper-masculine Black Panther Party led by arguably psychotic Huey Newton both understands the value of and works to support gay rights, then their movement, like the Panther movement, just had to be cutting edge.

And while the last two examples are art-based (movie-based actually and one of which I’ve used before) they still give what I imagine to be perfect insight as to the overall spirit of the times in regards to homosexuality.

The first of those was, again, Shaft (1971) where the coolest, aesthetically “Blackest” nigga of all time was tolerant to the point of blase about some homo grabbing his ass.


The second was in Blazing Saddles (1974) where after Gene Wilder’s “Wako Kid” jokes that Alex Karras’ “Mongo” has “a crush” on Clevon Little’s “Sheriff Bart” Mongo, blushing, laughs only to declare simply, “Mongo straight.”

Importantly, there’s no hostility in Mongo’s declaration, nor was he, like subsequent generations would begin to imagine they should be, insulted by the suggestion that he, indeed, might be gay.

So what happened to all this goodwill and, most importantly by far, indifference to homosexuality that we as a nation and, on a broader plain, the world were experiencing during the 1970s?

Why AIDS, of course!

AIDS returned us to a point of gay suspicion.

AIDS made the fags “them” again and that “them” was dangerous.

That’s why as the country inevitably and, with the prospect of Trump, invariably turns hard right, I can’t help but think that just like AIDS was created in part to drive a wedge between the gay and straight communities, now that the scourge of AIDS has lost it’s bite, a “new” gay disease will spring up to make us hate the fags again.

Fags should be aware. We were fickle friends to begin with anyway. All that applauding on cue and shit.

Ya’ll shouda never trusted us.

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