Why Nancy O’Dell Rejected Donald Trump


“When a person has sexual thoughts the person’s energy field sort of swirls about and actually propels out toward the person who’s the object of the attraction.”

                                                                                            from The Celestine Prophesy

On the surface, it would be easy to conclude that the reason that Nancy O’Dell rejected the reported sexual overtures of one Donald Trump was both simple and obvious.

Both Ms. O’Dell and Mr. Trump were married at the time of these advances and they were married to other people.

And if you’re a left-leaning woman, a registered Democrat, or just a chick with good taste, you might also conclude that Ms. O’Dell found Mr. Trump objectionable.

Whether she found him so physically is a tougher argument to make however because, obvious heartthrob or not, Mr. Trump is 6’2″, until recently, kept himself in fairly decent shape and always had – real or otherwise – a head full of hair.

So the most obvious other two reasons were that Ms. O’Dell simply didn’t want to become another “notch” on Mr. Trump’s illustrious “belt” of conquests and also, I’m sure, the charge one gets not only from rejecting someone, but also the additional voltage that comes with rejecting someone that almost always gets their way.

Yes, and these would be good arguments.

I loaned out The Beauty Myth so I can’t quote it directly but one of the passages that I found particularly amazing was when writer Naomi Wolf asserted that when a beautiful woman goes to bed with a man, the two are almost never alone in the room.

By this she meant that since “beauty” as it’ conceived is considered such a prize, a man that sleeps with a woman that would more or less be considered an empirical beauty would be doing so not just for his own pleasure, but from the pleasure he’d derive from sharing with other men the details of his sexual encounter.

And I doubt Ms. O’Dell was unhip to this.

Now, Trump, as you know, came under fire after being caught on a hot mic describing in very blue language to then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush his pursuit of Ms. O’Dell.

Aside from describing the pursuit itself, he intimated that his stardom had allowed his approach to women to be as simple as to “grab them by the pussy”.

This gave insight to perhaps the truest reason that Nancy O’Dell rejected Mr. Trump; a reason so fundamental that most rejected men can actually lay claim to it:


Like his former bestie Mike Tyson who was once one of the most skilled, disciplined and complete boxers in history but who, when age and boredom set in, disintegrated into being a “head-hunter”, almost exclusively launching “knock-out” blows, not putting punches together or even, really bothering to try to dodge any, Trump’s “game” for the last, oh, 50 years has probably only slightly adjusted from “Hi, I’m Donald Trump, my daddy’s rich,” to “Hi, I’m Donald Trump, I’m rich,” to “Hi, you know me from TV.”

There are genuine players out there in the world – and I know a few of them – that can score with a beautiful, affluent, intelligent woman without a dollar in their own pockets or a roof over their heads.

Trump is not one of these gentlemen.

And this isn’t to suggest that Mr. Trump never had game.

No, what we’re arguing is that our Republican Candidate for President’s obscene fame has caused his game, like unused muscles, to atrophy to the point that it’s totally useless against any woman who wouldn’t simply fuck him because he’s Donald Trump.

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