The “Inner City” African American is a Myth


I couldn’t find any more recent information, but back in 2001 when there was still 36 million of us and not the 42 million that there are now, the report I read also rattled off a list of our population in the five biggest major cities that we, uh, populate.

No surprises here, but New York was the leader with 2.3 million, followed by Chicago with 1.1 million then there was Detroit, Philly and Houston, all checking in with between 500k and 1 million, but, for the sake of argument, lets round them all up to a cool milly.

That would till be only 6.4 million out of 36 million or less than 18%.

And since Black people are allegedly a “minority” – a term I absolutely hate and gotta remember to run my blog post against – what we’re talking about when we talk about inner city Black people would actually a minority of a minority.

So it’s unsurprising that during last night’s Presidential debates that so many Black people got offended as Republican candidate Donald Trump kept referencing “African Americans” and “inner cities” as if the terms were somehow synonymous.

Once again, it seemed, that Black people were being defined as a whole within very narrow confines and then led to believe if those confines didn’t describe your particular situation then you and not the box you’d just been put in, were somehow less than genuine.

And while you could make the case that there are a lot of smaller cities that Black people populate and I had only listed the major ones, since there are no size or population requirements for cities, you could also make the case that every town is indeed a city.

So there.

Now, paraphrasing famed weirdo and former New York Daily News columnist Stanley Crouch, I’d agree that it’s true that Black Americans are the only people on the planet that are expected to live down to our lowest common denominator.

Therefore, if you’re not a currently imprisoned multiple baby-daddy, why not?

If you’re not a crack-whore mother of 7 with 8 different fathers that’s been on welfare since before you were born, how come?

These are the things that you are supposed to be.

These are the things that you were designed to be.

Your success represents a failure in the system; a glitch in The Matrix.

So it should be infuriating to hear yourself mentioned in any context by any political candidate running for any office without qualifying words like “most”, “many” or “too many” and for doing just that, Donald Trump revealed himself – for those that didn’t already know – to be a complete idiot.

However, you also shouldn’t be too reassured by a candidate that would gladly receive the support of the Mothers of the Movement without detailing her plan for serious police reform or, because “too many” “African Americans” (see how I did that?) do live in conditions, financial or physical, that are substandard compared to those of Americans as a whole, explain her plans for raising that standard of living of the genuine lowest common denominator which, contrary to popular opinion, wouldn’t displace those just above them but would, in fact, lift us all as a whole, and because of her inability to do that Hillary Clinton revealed herself – for those that didn’t already know – to be a complete parasite.

Those are our choices for President.

And I would tell ya’ll to choose wisely, but we all know that Black people don’t vote.

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