Single Black Women Should Start an “I Need a Man” Campaign


Unlike a lotta muhfuccas, I don’t blame Black women for everything.

I blame them for a lot, tho.

Still, I’d be dumber than a Mexican Trump supporter named Abdul if I believed for a minute that they were the ones actually behind that incredibly moronic declaration that gets attributed to them “I don’t need no man.”

They couldn’t be.

It’s bad enough that some of them say it and it’s worse that some of them mean it, but I’ll betcha dollars to donuts that, while the verbiage of the term might have been reconfigured to suit Ebonics, the actual idea was launched by some racist with the intention of what has subsequently occurred; the destabilization of the Black family and the mass incarceration of Black men.

As a product of a single-parent home myself, I at least know that I’m all fucked up. My decision making process is skewed, my judgement is off and my reasoning is terrible.

And I’m a nigga with a BA!

Not only that, I knew my father. Well. He just wasn’t there.

Some blame feminism.

I’ve done it here myself.

I’ve argued that white women were jealous of Black women’s necessary equality – never realizing that it was due to the fact that Black people as a whole were so criminally disproportionately paid – and the fact that Black women were always in the workplace and then subsequently argued to Black women that Black men must have, indeed, been superfluous.

And while I’d love to be so full of faith as to suggest that Black women would never be so dumb as to believe anything that a white feminist tells them, the results prove otherwise.

I mean, it’s gotta be more than a simple case of “sour grapes”. Its’ gotta be more than disdaining the thing you cannot have.

But even though I watch David Carroll videos mostly because he’s unintentionally funny as hell and he reminds me of my uncle, the one salient point I must credit him with is his notion that the reason Black men have such little respect for each other is because too many of us were raised by single mothers that have little respect for Black men.

This, however, ignores totally the situation involving little Black girls who are raised without their fathers and who must, almost as a replacement for being debutantes, be gifted with the you “don’t need no man” mantra almost from birth.

And how does that affect the way they grow?

Therefore, I can only feel empathy for my dudes locked up, trapped in the system, making money for the prison industrial complex, modern day slaves, feeling lost, abandoned and unloved particularly by our women who claim they don’t even need them.

Almost adds to the justification for locking them up, since they’re so unnecessary, right?

But still, Black women, ya’ll gotta chill with saying that stupid shit. It just sounds bad. Saying that you did, in fact, need a man would not only sound so much better (and ring so much truer) you might be blessed with the power of actually being able to speak into existence the thing that you desire and that nigga that was thinking about crime, applies for law school and reaches the Supreme Court.

And it will be all thanks to you, Black Woman.

Don’t be ridiculous, though.

He won’t be married to you once he actually reaches the Supreme Court.

He, like Kanye West prophetically predicted that he would do, will most certainly “leave you ass for a white girl…”

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