Expect Beanie Sigel to Keep Getting Knocked Out

It was tough to watch Beanie Sigel yesterday being interviewed on Power 105.

If anything, his clashes with Charlamagne reminded me of Mike Tyson’s 2nd loss to Evander Holyfield – the one by DQ for ear biting – when, clearly unable to bully Holyfield, Tyson went absolutely mad and began looking all around the ring and then the stadium at large for someone that he could bully.

More specifically tho, Beans reminded me of a kid from my legendary HBCU. A kid we ironically enough called “Darryl from Phillly”.

Darryl was a fly nigga; dressed consistently like a fashion model and the girls liked him.

One day, when we were both seniors, he got his ass kicked by some freshman.

As it was none of my business and I both knew and was cool with that particular freshman, I didn’t pry as to why.

Plus, that freshman always showed me the utmost respect.

Not a week later, some sophomore kicked Darryl from Philly’s ass.

Brings to mind that Jay Z line, “Once you’re tagged lame/he game is follow the leader…

And that’s another coincidence about Beans; his former mentor is none other than Jay Z who, and I’m sure I’m remembering this correctly, constantly advised Beans to stop fucking with the streets as hard as he was.

Now, if you don’t know, due to the “beef” that’s brewing between Beans and fellow Philly rapper Meek Mills, Beans got randomly KO’d recently.

This was about worst thing that could happen.

Not only does it instantly remove what one would have believed to be Beans’ chief strength, his street invulnerability, but it also opens him up to opportunists just trying to make a name for themselves.

Beans (thankfully) is no Suge Knight so we shouldn’t expect the guy that knocked him out to face death threats or even retaliation from overenthusiastic wannabes.

Instead, what we’re seeing, as if we needed to is someone who kept it real for way longer than he had or needed to.

Make no mistake, continuing to fuck around and come back to the hood and be in the streets once you’ve become a rap star at he level that Beans had reached in the late 90s was like avoiding Vegas and instead hitting a corner dice game – and having the audacity to win big.

Bound to incur some resentment doing that kinda shit.

So basically all that Beans has done by continuing to insist on being “street” was waive around money in the form of potential credibility to anybody that chooses to knock him out subsequently.

Added to all that is the fact that he’s had not only financial and legal but health concerns.

It was almost painful to listen to him try to evoke some of his old tough guy mojo by distinguishing between how “Beans”, his rap persona, would handle his new rap contentions and how “Mack”, his street nom de guerre, would get down.

I wanted to pray that he would stop but I knew that it was too late.

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