If Trump Wins, Blame Drake

The one good thing we can honestly say about the 2106 Presidential campaign is that we can finally rid ourselves of all delusions that it’s the platforms and not the candidates themselves that voters decide upon.

Of course, critics (haters) of Barack Obama could readily say that niggas couldn’t even read but we could tell the difference between black and white and that’s what brought us out to the polls in 2008 and 2012.


Most of those critics (assholes) have now thrown their (usually considerable) weight behind Trump because he’s a heterosexual straight white man and if they even pretended they could manufacture a single other reason they should be forced to watch 9 straight hours of lesbian Black porn which, for them, would offer no rewards whatsoever.

And don’t sleep; the one “mistake” Trump’s made so far during his campaign is that he picked the absolute wrong time to issue his first ever apology.

You were tryna fuck a married blonde who would later add big fake huge tits to her frame?

What’s wrong with that?

You told Billy Bush that you grab bitches by the pussy?

Again, what’s there to apologize for?

In a world of get-it-how-you-can, if that’s the method that works, stay with the hot – pardon the pun – hand.

And that’s why Drake is fucked up and behind all this.

Drake, whose weepy, masochistic take on Hip Hop has absolutely ruined the form that used to be the last vestige of “real” manhood, has not only had the nerve to sell a shitload of records with his creepy, maudlin, mopey depressive twaddle, but he’s not even American!

Indeed it’s a Canadian we have to blame/thank for Views, anal leakage in musical form if ever I’ve heard it and it’s smash hit parody of a dancehall song “One Dance“, a song that if offered to the likes of Shabba Ranks would have upped the testosterone of even plant life, in Drake’s hands is reduced to just another complaint in his plodding, woe-is-me existence.

And you’d hafta be not only from another country, but another world not to realize that the old Matrix dilemma of choosing between a “blue pill” for continued mindless subjection to nothing short of Orwellian programming and/or feminism, or choosing a “red pill” for a mind opened to the harsh but true realities of the world we live in today and genuine masculinity, has taken on a life (and following) of it’s own.

For these Red Pill enthusiasts, Trump is nothing short of a messiah.

He’s a real man, a man’s man, a throwback.


Doing shit like grabbing bitches by the pussy is nothing short of reclaiming past glory for those Red Pill sorts.

So it must have been nostalgia for the old school that made Katrina Pierson blame Hip Hop for the “rape culture” allegedly fueling Donald Trump’s actions.

Trump does know rappers.


And they are the sort that were popular back when the old school sensibility of wholesale indifference, borderline hostility toward women, women’s rights and women’s issues peaked as a cross-gender outlook.

So in a way it’s kinda ironic if not outright hilarious that if it’s indeed a time when Hip Hop was ruled by misogynistic male Americans, a time before 9/11 and #BlackLivesMatters that Mr. Trump is trying to channel as he attempts to, as he says, “Make America Great Again”, that period in history would be none other than the 1990s.

You know, when a Clinton was in the White House.

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