If Tony Romo Loves the Cowboys He’ll Stab Himself


For my money, the worst was Jeff Fisher.

He not only turned Steve “Air” McNair into Steve “hand-the-ball-off-to-Eddie-George” McNair, but he turned Vince Young from a Heisman winner to a babbling lunatic.

And for years while I would have loved to have argued that America valued its capitalism even more than its racism and its winning most of all, it was because of Fisher’s decision to turn McNair from the NCAA’s all-time leader in almost every passing category to a third down and emergency passer only, a decision that culminated in that infamous loss by one yard in Super Bowl 34, that I was forced to reevaluate and wonder aloud if it would have been too much to let the Nigger quarterback make you, Jeff, a champion coach simply because he would have also made himself the hero while doing so.

Well, Steve McNair is dead now and yeah, I kinda blame Jeff Fisher for that too but in the case of the Dallas Cowboys, let me just say that I while don’t think it’s exclusively racism that’s caused team owner Jerry Jones to overstep himself and make actual coaching decisions, stating that when titular starting quarterback Tony Romo is healthy again, he will again become the starter despite Dallas’ very own Nigger backup Dak Prescott leading the team to an amazing 5-1 start, let’s not ignore little Jerry’s racism at work in there somewhere.

No, little Jerry wouldn’t have even drafted the Nigger if he hadn’t believed the boy would add some kind of value to his franchise.

But like many OG white men who only begrudgingly admitted to themselves that Niggers could indeed run and jump for their teams and then subsequently decided that they should do those things and little else – no quarterbacking, coaching, decision making or front office stuff – now faced with the dilemma of whether to keep winning with the unknown or go back to the week-to-week guessing game that personified Tony Romo’s approach to the game isn’t as easy to chose between as one may think.

And where it gets complicated is the fact that there’s a personal relationship between Jones and Romo, that’s why the whole situation can’t be dismissed as a case of simple racism.

Each man has spent their entire time together confident beyond certainty that they’d found The One – for Jones the quarterback that would win him another Chip, for Romo, the owner that would back him unfailingly – only to find perhaps the presence of a Greater Love.

This is Tony Romo’s 12th season -all with the Cowboys – and he’s 8th among active starters with a record of 78-49.

The Cowboys’ best record under his leadership was 2007 when they finished 13-3.

They lost the Divisional that year to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

Romo is 2-4 in the playoffs and has never advanced beyond the 2nd round.

Now, if he really loved his team, he wouldn’t even wanna return as a starter if there was a chance that he’d be the disruptive force against the momentum they’ve so clearly built up.

I read an article that actually had the audacity to argue that the “problem” with having Dak as a starter is that the Cowboys are forced to run a simplified offense and that when Romo returns, they can go back to running their more complicated stuff.

Sure, I thought.

The kinda stuff that used to make them lose.

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