Drugs, Running & Running on Drugs


I’m high now.

And the crime isn’t that governments would dare to consider anything a drug, the crime is that some of these drugs are illegal.

Anyway, I just got off the treadmill. Did my daily 7. Not that I ran the whole thing, the last half-mile was during cool down.

I still feel like a punk.

I haven’t run outside in over a month.


Did Central Park maybe six or seven times this year. Maybe more.

Ran in Virgina.

Ran in Connecticut.

I’ve never run competitively and it was the last thing I tried after biking and jumping rope. And it was the best.

My thinking is this: ever notice how you feel when you immediately go into action after hearing gunshots or even hearing someone scream about a possible shooting? Notice that adrenaline? You don’t even take time to thank your body for being able to start you on our way, you’re only concerned with your goal of getting the fuck away from where you are as fast as you can. So, you’re off!

Well, runners feel that moment with every step.

And as scary as it sounds, to runners it’s also exhilarating.

And there’s more.

There’s actually something called a “runner’s high”.

Mistaken for a moment of euphoria, it’s actually a moment of perfect clarity where you are shown the path to follow if you want to make it all happen, and you chart your progress by how far you fall from your path.

And in the end, it does your body good.

Trust me, I’m awesome.

Now, where was/am I?

(looks around quickly) McDonald’s?… but how?… why?


It’s maybe not the best idea to run while you’re high, even though I did it again this morning.

It’s like the two highs contradict until the running takes over your lungs and chases your high away.

Then you hafta get high again.

Which I did.

I’ve run the track high, but I don’t remember ever running the streets, any streets, high.

I don’t think I have the guts. It’s not something I wanna test either so I’m probably done for the day.

It’s nice out too. Hate to think I’d waste a nice day, what might be my last day this calendar year, having a run outside.


I’ll be out there first winter day in the 50s.

Hypothetical of the day:

Would it be a fair trade to lock up all the doctors in America for their part in the drug trade? For them giving people prescriptions to shit that they don’t need? Could we swap them out for the “criminals” that are already in jail or is it true that convicts are worse?

Who should we trust?

Why can’t we just do what the fuck we want as far as drugs are concerned?

Just don’t let a muhfucca use being high as a defense.

Never forget that after Charlie Manson said that he and his “Family” heard special messages in the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter“, the song itself became a virtual pariah and the rumor went that some radio stations refused to play it altogether.

Never mind that millions of people had already heard the song, yet only Manson’s group had claimed murder was a direct result.

So if I should go out and kill somebody today and then try to claim that it was because I’ve been listening to Erykah Badu’s “I Want You” back-to-back-to-back-to-back, as good citizens you might you wanna alert the authorities that I’ve also been smoking weed.

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