Leave it to Brittany Renner to Make Me Defend Prostitutes


If you’ve had, er, problems with pornography the way that I have, then chances are that you might have perused or stumbled across, shit, you just might have even been addicted to World Star Hip Hop’s infamous “Candy” section; an auxiliary page where delightful young misses strutted their stuff, twerked their bottoms, covered themselves with creams and pretty much invited onlookers of any gender to enjoy ourselves at home.

Well, I was not immune.

Quite patiently I’d wait until another “Candy” video emerged, sometimes two in the same day, sometimes, one not seemingly until months later.

Then Brittany Renner’s World Star video came out.

Thoroughly enjoyable, I must say.

I also did the obligatory reconnaissance. Checked her out on Google. Lots of other scantily clad shit, not so much any other full-on nudes – with the exception of direct pubes – like the World Star shit.

Then it turns up that she was dating Colin Kaepernick.

This was a couple of years ago.

And, quite frankly, as opposed to being put off by the fact that such a formidable potential rival had emerged, I was simply pleasantly surprised to see that not only did the brother like Black chicks, but that he had good taste.

Random bouts of horniness and other scattershot dull moments caused me to occasionally check back in with Ms. Renner on the Google front and nothing much new had emerged.

So when she was actually trending yesterday on Twitter, my thinking was that maybe her and Kaepernick had set a date but in any event, I decided to check and see what was going on.

Turns out, it was this:

Here was my reply Tweet:

Not surprised she hasn’t answered, but so far, only one “like” and retweet from oomf?

The rest of ya’ll suck!

Anyway, as with drug dealing, I always wondered why the burden of morality was placed on the service provider in the case of sex-workers, especially here in America, a land where everything, including religion, is commercialized.

If we’re to believe that it’s wrong to pursue drugs or sex, wouldn’t the dealer then become the one virtuous byproduct?

He or she is the one that had the decency to commodify the whole thing which makes it more American.

From my own personal experience, I’ve never known of women that had as much contempt for men as strippers and that’s only because my personal experience is limited.

I can’t imagine what prostitutes, who have the advantage (disadvantage) of a reeking multitude of experiences with men and our proclivities would have to say about our gender as a whole if put to task for honesty.

Chances are our morality wouldn’t look good.

But since we’ve allowed for drug freaks and whore mongers to claim “weakness”, “addiction” and even “sickness”, it has somehow become the suppliers that have been vilified as if the most basic economic principle, that of demand and supply, indeed worked backwards; they got it for you, then you decided that you wanted it.

But again, this is America so that too is the case.

Who on earth would have known that they needed an iPhone 7?

Still, in this situation, it looks like Ms. Renner is just another “pusher” knocking somebody else’s hustle.

As we’ve proven with this blog before, prostitution is biblical.

Or like a cigarette smoker that condescends to potheads, Ms. Renner’s World Star vid isn’t an Olympian leap from the very thing she attacks.

That is unless Ms. Renner’s telling us that her World Star work was all pro bono.

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