Kanye, Jay Z & When the Wives Can’t Stand Each Other


Now that we’ve all heard her mother going off on her little “Black” diatribe on sister Solange’s album, we can gather that Beyonce being woke ain’t no new thing.

Tina (formerly) Knowles prescription for Blackness is so old-school that nobody should be surprised that Beyonce can’t stand Kim Kardashian’s (literal) ass.

How could she?

Kim is just what we complain about: the white person that literally fails upward.

Meanwhile, Beyonce’s had to work (hard) every step of the way, constantly aware that her spot, no matter how rock-solid her stance, was always precarious at best and the ones that were coming for it, came with smiles showing an open hand, knifes taped to their backs, waiting as impatiently as a clock-puncher at 4:59, for that second hand to move.

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to arrive there, where she is and then note that she’d have to share her spotlight, not with the likes of a superior political animal like a Michelle Obama or an outright fucking beauty and talent at actress like Gabrielle Union or even another steel-sharpening-steel performer like Rihanna, but with… Kim Kardashian?

That couldn’t be right.

How’d she even get here?

Didn’t she suck somebody’s…?

And we knew she didn’t like Kim by the fact that her and Hov ain’t attend Kanye and Kim’s wedding. There was no excuse for that, other than I don’t wanna be around that bitch much less in a capacity where I should feel obligated to celebrate her.

And the thing is, normally, I mean, like, in every other situation, including my take earlier on this very one, I’d agree with B.

Took him long enough, but Kanye finally snapped on Hov, explaining to an audience why’d there’d be no “Watch the Throne 2” album to followup the wildly successful “Watch the Throne” album recorded jointly by Kanye and Jay Z back in 2011.

While Kanye had the savvy to blame the lack of said album on Jay Z’s marriage to his Tidal streaming creation, simmering just beneath the surface was the real reason.

Among other parts of Kanye’s rant was that fact that Jay “only” called to check on him after Kim had been robbed in Paris and the fact that as of this date, their kids hadn’t even played together.

Personally, I’m surprised Mr. “Jesus Walks” himself doesn’t know his Word well enough to realize that all Jay Z is doing is pulling a Genesis 2:24 and “cleaving” unto his wife.

Stop being a bitch, Kanye.

You know who your problem is really with.

So since you won’t call out Beyonce on her bullshit, I will despite the fact that, like I said, up until very recently, I completely agreed with her.

Beyonce, you should chill; for two reasons:

  1. We were both wrong in thinking Kim K is completely useless. Being that The Life of Pablo is, for my money,  Kanye’s best album – and still album of the year so far, trumping (pardon the term) Drake’s album, your sister’s and yours, then Kim’s talent is that of muse.
  2. Sadly, sweetheart, it’s our own fault that the Kim K’s and Amber Roses of the world are stars; Black men as well as women. We made them who they are and some of us would even knock you, before we knocked them.

So put down your sword and shield, Beyonce.

Welcome Kim in.

She does have a purpose after all.

She, like Penny Lane from Almost Famous, inspires good music.

And that’s better than just sitting at a listening party nodding like a yes-man to whatever plays next.

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