Trump is Living His Own Life of Pablo


“There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

–Brendan Behan

Quick: who’s running for President against Donald Trump?

Now try to lie to me (or yourself, really) as if that brain fart that caused your mind to stall in bringing to thought her name and maybe even an image of her in your mind was because the question was so incredibly moronic, of if, indeed, because for just a second there, you actually forgot?

It’s the latter and you know it.

Trump may “claim” that the the liberal media is in the bag for his opponent and that all of the Hollywood entertainers and celebrities are trying to make him look bad, but the reality is that since he’s become the Republican nominee, has anyone been able to talk about anything else?

And if there’s anyone out there that doesn’t realize that this constant barrage of “What is Trump Doing/Saying Now?” is actually weighing in the candidate’s favor then they not only know little about American politics, they also know painfully little about product placement, branding and marketing.

It’s like a paraphrase of what Muhammad Ali used to say, “Everyone that comes to my fights is coming to see me, it’s just that half of them are coming to see me lose.”

And just like when that nut that actually recorded the sensational The Life of Pablo stormed the stage to protest Taylor Swift’s winning the Best Female Video award over Beyonce at the VMAs, the initial backlash was seemingly universal.

Then it came out that a lot of people bashing Kanye, couldn’t refrain from calling him a “nigger” while doing it, evoking some sympathy for Mr. West.

Then there were the people that might not have agreed with Kanye’s method as messenger, but did in fact agree with the message that Beyonce should have won.

Now, of course, public sympathies have almost entirely shifted, and Kanye is the wronged party while Taylor Swift is a lying, calculating bitch concerned with nothing but her own image.

Similarly, Trump will win.

He’ll win because there’s never stopped being a faction of America that believes that the country should always be run by a white man.

He’ll win because despite the knocks on his intellect, it was in fact pure genius to realize how extensive the American market for racism, sexism, xenophobia and religious hatred truly is.

And he’ll win because he’s still here; he’s still standing.

Gotta give him credit for that.

Even I look at some of the shit said about him, his wife and his family and I’m like sheesh!

And like with Evander Holyfield, who I’d never liked but couldn’t help but respect after he’d acquitted himself heroically despite taking a viscous beating in that first loss to Riddick Bowe, there’s a segment of Americans that are similarly impressed simply by the fact that Trump is still in there taking punches.

Those folks – overwhelmingly white males but a lot of white females too and even, probably, a surprising number of non-whites – see the current treatment of Trump by the media as symbolic of the treatment of the white American male today.

He’s scrutinized and hated on all sides by all sides.

He’s made to defend everything about himself including his healthy heterosexuality and his wealth.

And his patriotism, which should be considered a strength, is now ridiculed by people that don’t think “all” covers “Black” and that respecting the flag is optional.

Shiii, Trump even has my sympathies.

But not my vote.

Made up my mind the other day.

I’m voting for, um…


What’s her name again?

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